After Beverly ‘miscarriage’, Muridzo fathers another child

by Sunday News Online | Sunday, Sep 10, 2017 | 1170 views
Andy Muridzo and wife Chido Manyange

Andy Muridzo and wife Chido Manyange

Bruce Ndlovu, Sunday Life correspondent
AFTER spending much of the year fire fighting an inferno sparked by the alleged pregnancy of Beverly ‘‘Bev’’ Sibanda after their bedroom liaison, singer Andy Muridzo seems to have finally scored in the right net with news that his wife is pregnant.

The Bev and Andy Muridzo saga occupied the country for a few weeks at the beginning of the year, with the raunchy dancer alleging that she had an affair with the Dherira hit-maker.

From those encounters in bed, described in lurid detail by Bev herself, she went on to claim that she was carrying the Military Touch signee’s unborn child. Although Muridzo confirmed that he had indeed fallen for Bev’s charms and found himself in her lap on more than one occasion, he denied that a child would be coming from their surprise union.

Speculation on whether Muridzo had indeed fathered Bev’s unborn child was finally put to bed three months later when her management team claimed that the leader of the Sexy Angels had suffered a miscarriage.

Now a mere five months later, Muridzo is expecting yet another child, albeit with a different woman. The musician confirmed to Sunday Life last week that his wife Chido Manyange had a bun in the oven as they were expecting their second child.

“Yes, it is true. She’s pregnant. She’s five months pregnant now so we’re expectantly waiting for our second baby together,” said Muridzo.

He added that they were still waiting to confirm the gender of the child, as the last scan they had done could not yet ascertain whether it was a boy or a girl.

“We had the last scan when she was three months pregnant and we couldn’t find out back then whether it was a boy or girl. However, I believe that the next scan will confirm the gender of the child for us,” Muridzo said.

Despite the fact that the 25-year-old musician and Manyange already have one child, the musician said he was looking forward to the birth of his second offspring as it made him feel like a true man.

“When you have your first child, you sometimes feel like perhaps it happened by chance. Ever since she got pregnant with our second child I have been really feeling like a man. This shows that I’m a real man,” said Muridzo.

The singer, who divides opinion as some see him as Jah Prayzah’s protégé while others accuse him of being his boss’s copycat, was derided as reckless by many for having multiple unprotected sex with a woman other than his wife.

Since that controversy however, the musician seems to have again found his moral radar and his second brush with fatherhood will likely see him resist the urge to stray from his matrimonial bed as he is more responsible now.

“This will be my second child and one thing that fatherhood has taught me is that you need to be disciplined. You can’t just do anything that you want.

You’ve got people looking up to you so you have to be responsible,” he said.

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