Beauty awakens from deep sleep

by Sunday News Online | Sunday, Oct 8, 2017 | 1360 views
Maneta Mazanhi

Maneta Mazanhi

Bruce Ndlovu, SundayLife Correspondent
VIVACIOUS beauty and Zimbabwe’s former Big Brother Africa representative Maneta Mazanhi is thanking her lucky stars after she recently woke up from a coma that was caused by a bout of malaria.

Maneta has been quiet in the last year or so since her appearances on South African and Nigerian film and television productions, reinventing herself as a corporate figure after her graduation from the University of South Africa with a law degree.

This week, Maneta took her social media followers by surprise when she announced that she had found herself in a nearly fatal spot of bother after nearly succumbing to malaria.

“After almost losing my life to malaria and being in a coma I’m happy to be alive and nothing else matters but health and happiness and my well being,” she said in a post on Instagram.

To show that she had recovered from that near death experience, the Bulawayo-bred beauty shared a few pictures of herself trying out the high adrenaline pastime of skydiving.

Although it is still unclear when or where the former reality TV star contracted malaria, her fans would be breathing a sigh of relief at her escape from the jaws of death, as she had recently shown signs that she was changing her life for the better.

Although she seemed to be making headway as an actress, Maneta seems to be already putting her degree to good use, as she shifted focus to the world of business.

The former reality TV star is now the Head of International Relations at the Johannesburg-based, Nigerian-powered African Young Entrepreneurs (AYE) network.

The organisation’s self stated purpose is to empower young entrepreneurs across Africa by creating platforms that facilitate intra-trade on the continent.

“We are dedicated to developing the next generation of outstanding African entrepreneurs, who will shape the economies and political landscapes of their home countries,” the organisation’s mission statement says.


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