Budding artistes inspire talented ghetto youths

by Sunday News Online | Sunday, Jul 8, 2018 | 295 views
Emmanuel Simango (left) and Pardon Hove

Emmanuel Simango (left) and Pardon Hove

Nigel Siziba, Sunday Life Reporter
A HIP-HOP duo called Beats and Bars from Entumbane in Bulawayo has inspired promising artistes who do not have platforms to showcase their talents through the Rise Up Movement.

Pardon Hove (22) and Emmanuel Simango (17) also known as P-James and TRT Eeasy are showing signs of social responsibility at grassroots.

Beats and Bars was formed in February 2016 when the two met through Hove’s mutual friend.

“Our meeting was funny because Emmanuel had come to see my friend who is my neighbour whom they were rapping together at that time; from there we became friends and started recording together,” said Hove.

These two are both students. Hove is doing panel beating and spray painting, while Simango is an A-level student, but they have managed to pull through using their lunch allowances.

“Since we are all students it has been hard financially but that cannot stand in our way, we get the recording money from our lunch allowances so that we can record,” said Simango.

They have embarked on a movement called Rise Up which is meant to empower other upcoming artists and bring positive thinking to the youths.

“As a way of social responsibility we have embarked on a movement called Rise Up where we try and empower other artistes who are lagging behind and who still want to make their name like us. As ghetto youths we want to rise together. Our objective also is to try and bring positive thinking among our peers,”  said Simango.

As a way of pushing their movement further they hosted a massive show at Yonah shops where they attracted a crowd of about 400 people of which this was a milestone to them.

They have previously done an awareness called “Say NO” to drugs, violence and early marriages and in December they are set to release their first album.

“This was not our first awareness movement as we have also done an awareness called “SAY NO” to drugs, violence and early child marriages. I think we are now ready to release our debut album in December and people have to know that we are not here to compete, we are here to surpass,” added Hove.

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