Bulawayo trio launches books

by Sunday News Online | Sunday, Sep 10, 2017 | 660 views
Laison Mwiinde (left), Makabongwe Moyo (left) with his brother at the book launch (Centre) and Cleopatra Faith Manyuchi (right)

Laison Mwiinde (left), Makabongwe Moyo (left) with his brother at the book launch (Centre) and Cleopatra Faith Manyuchi (right)

Bhekumuzi Ncube, Sunday Life reporter

LAST week was incredible for Zimbabwe literature as three Bulawayo-based writers, Laison Mwiinde, Cleopatra Faith Manyuchi and Makabongwe Moyo launched books at a combined ceremony.

The director of the Drilliate Publishing House in Bulawayo, Mwiinde, launched a sociology textbook titled Sociology Through Answers which is an Advanced Level textbook.

The textbook consists of questions acquired from Zimbabwe School examinations Council and Cambridge, and answers to help A-level Sociology students prepare for examinations.

Sociologist, Mwiinde said he wrote the sociology textbook to enrich the Zimbabwean academic field and dedicated the textbook to his loved ones.

“I would like to give all the gratitude to members of staff at Christian College, family and friends who had great influence in the publication of this textbook, and also financed my education. May the Lord bless them with many years so they could experience the fruit of their hands,” he said.

Sociology through Answers can be applied worldwide in sociology studies.

The textbook was Mwiinde’s first publication.

“My second publication is under review and can rock book shelves in less than two months,” he added.

Young poetess Manyuchi launched an anthology of poems titled The Weeping Queen and Other Poems which tackles social and economic injustices facing women. At a young age and doing her A-level determination and passion for writing inspired her to write 25 poems.

“My love for writing started long back and I am very happy to have finally fulfilled my dream by launching The Weeping Queen. I’m deeply humbled by the support of Witness Dingani, an author and youth coach who helped in the publication of the anthology,” she said.

The ambitious poetess seems to be following the footsteps of renowned Zimbabwean female writers such as Barbara Makhalisa, Tsitsi Dangarembga and NoViolet Bulawayo by using pen and paper as weapon to expose women’s meagre successes and losses in a society overshadowed by patriarchal tendencies.

Her poems The Weeping Queen, Broken Vows and The Destroyer criticise women gender prejudices which have often left women in despair and disillusionment in a society.

Manyuchi added that despite women being involved in political activities, they are still controlled by men citing the cultural lobola process as the cause of women being abused in Africa.

Qualified teacher, Moyo, who is working at Ruzivo Smart Learning under Life Foundation, which is a development of content for E-learning and charity, was the third writer of the night, who launched a Ndebele novel titled Ukungazi Kufana Lokufa.

The novel narrates a hurtful story of a young girl who grew up in the rural areas and relocated to urban areas, only for her dreams to be shuttered by her half sister’s husband who raped her.

The novel exposes the cultural and Western methods indigenous people use to tackle social problems, in the process highlighting the influences of globalisation.

Moyo said the novel motivates youths to have faith in pursuing their dreams.

“In an endeavour to fulfil dreams there are obstacles hindering people’s success but one needs to soldier on and defy the odds as shown by Sehliselo who was raped but managed to fulfil her dreams in the novel,” he said.

The books are available at Geamsol Bookshop in Bulawayo.


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