Bused in and caught out: Desperate MDC-T imports supporters to hype Byo rally

by Sunday News Online | Sunday, Apr 8, 2018 | 9374 views
Rowdy MDC-T supporters barricade the road with burning tyres ahead of Advocate Nelson Chamisa’s rally at White City Stadium yesterday. Inset: Some of the vehicles used by the party to bus in supporters to the rally

Rowdy MDC-T supporters barricade the road with burning tyres ahead of Advocate Nelson Chamisa’s rally at White City Stadium yesterday.

Vusumuzi Dube, Sunday News Reporter
THE Advocate Nelson Chamisa-led MDC Alliance, in a bid to fool the world that it commands a large following in the country, yesterday bused in thousands of supporters from as far as Chitungwiza and Harare to their “Siyanqoba” rally that was held at Bulawayo’s White City Stadium.

The rally, which was Mr Chamisa’s first ever in the country’s second largest city since he grabbed power while the party was morning its founding president Mr Morgan Tsvangirai in February, also began on an ugly note with the party’s unruly youths blocking parts of Hyde Park Road with burning tyres forcing motorists to divert and use Khami Road.

The unruly elements, who were visibly drunk, would only allow motorists going to the rally to pass through while singing songs with unprintable lyrics and continuously mocking motorists who were not interested in attending the rally. The party has previously been linked to a number of violent skirmishes with the latest being clashes between its supporters with members aligned to former MDC-T vice-president Dr Thokozani Khupe — at the party offices in Bulawayo.

Yesterday Sunday News saw more than 40 buses and commuter omnibuses from Chitungwiza, Gweru and Harare outside the venue and after the rally they were seen driving along Harare Road as they made their way back to their places of origin.

“We came here to support our president,” said a supporter inside a bus. The bus was part of 10 others from the same company which brought supporters from Chitungwiza and had a Unit N Seke address emblazoned on them.

Mr Chamisa also had to address smaller impromptu meetings around the city in a bid to convince people to attend the main rally. During the rally, Mr Chamisa attempted to ride on the legacy of the late Vice-President Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo, a strategy that has been used by most opposition parties in an attempt to lure the Matabeleland vote.

Hired bus21

He told party supporters that before coming to the rally he had earlier visited Dr Nkomo’s house in Matsheumhlophe, which has since been turned into a museum in honour of the revolutionary icon. He claimed the Nkomo family had told him that he was the first “national leader” to visit the museum ever since Dr Nkomo’s death in 1999.

“I was so touched when I went to Dr Nkomo’s Matsheumhlophe house. I was going there to see the history of this nation. However, the family told me one thing, they said ever since the death of Dr Nkomo I am the first national leader to visit the house, they even offered to give me Dr Nkomo’s traditional knobkerrie. Our late leader, Morgan Tsvangirai represented what Dr Nkomo represented, this being unity, peace, tolerance and giving oneself to the people without being selfish. That is what President Tsvangirai represented, so I am walking in the footsteps of president Tsvangirai and VP Nkomo,” said Mr Chamisa.

He further claimed that he has since ordered Bulawayo City councillors, which is dominated by councillors from his MDC-T faction to pass a resolution that will see the Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Foundation exempted from paying rates and rentals.

“When we get into power I promise you that we will build a whole shopping mall that will be in honour of Dr Nkomo, this mall will also have museums in honour of our late Vice-President and will be dedicated to his legacy. I have also instructed Bulawayo Mayor (Martin Moyo) and his deputy (Gift Banda) to ensure that they exempt the foundation from paying rates and rentals. We will also make provisions for a social grant for the Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Foundation once in power as a means of honouring his leadership,” said Mr Chamisa.

The Alliance leader once again reiterated his absurd promise of bringing bullet trains and “spaghetti” roads once in power.

“There are a lot of things which my government will do which some think are impossible. We want Matopo, for example to be the centre of our cultural festivities so that every year there are festivals to celebrate our culture. We will build new cities, Matopos will be elevated to a city status, its possible, some might think it’s impossible but we will prove to you all that it is possible. We will help you see reality from our perspective, they can laugh on our vision for bullet trains and spaghetti roads, but it is very possible,” said Mr Chamisa.

Hired bus 11

Mr Chamisa also took the opportunity to warn estranged former MDC-T deputy president, Dr Khupe not to mislead herself and her backers that they would use the party’s name saying they had already put in place mechanisms to block her from any attempts to do such.

Dr Khupe recently dissociated herself from the Chamisa-led faction insisting that she was the genuine acting president of the MDC-T.

“I know there are some people that have been going around claiming that they will be using the party name for their own unscrupulous agendas. I would like to state it clearly to you all that no one will be allowed to do such, we have in place all the mechanisms to prevent such hence they should just forget and find their own name,” he said.

Meanwhile, addressing the rally, MDC-T national chairperson Mr Morgan Komichi warned party members to stop allocating themselves constituencies saying that was still being discussed at alliance level.

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  • Magaba

    Fake news! A chitungwiza address on a bus is simply bus owner’s address. It does not mean it operates that route. Ok?
    You mentioned kombis too; so you expected people attending a provincial rally to walk to the venue? Poor propaganda!
    I attended the rally and most people who were there spoke fluent Ndebele, a sign they are from within/ around Bulawayo.

    • Zvobgo

      These EDiot journalists forget ED = erectile dysfunction!

  • Magaba

    POOR propaganda. Outright lies!

  • Observer

    Possibly not your fault Mr Reporter as you need to please your paymaster but in your heart you know the truth. Fortunately your audience (readers) are very educated & your article only serves to insult their intelligence.

    • Unity

      Whilst others are preaching unity i find it sad that for a national newspaper that is supposed to lead in preaching unity of all Zimbabweans you insinuate divisions. I quote.. “…in a bid to fool the world that it commands a large following in the country…” the question is…so say it’s true that some of the audience came from as far Chitungwiza, does that mean the rally was exclusively supposed to be attended by Bulawayo residents only? Isnt it lovely to see Chitungwiza buses in Bulawayo just like the joy I feel when I see a kombi with Nkulumani address when I’m in So worth. One Zimbabwe One Love. UNITY UNITY UNITY

    • Unity

      Whilst others are preaching unity i find it sad that for a national newspaper that is supposed to lead in preaching unity of all Zimbabweans you insinuate divisions. I quote.. “…in a bid to fool the world that it commands a large following in the country…” the question is…so say it’s true that some of the audience came from as far Chitungwiza, does that mean the rally was exclusively supposed to be attended by Bulawayo residents only? Isnt it lovely to see Chitungwiza buses in Bulawayo just like the joy I feel when I see a kombi with Nkulumani address when I’m in Epworth**. One Zimbabwe One Love. UNITY UNITY UNITY

      • Cde Hondo

        Thank you for your insight × hundred times .that’s civilization at it’s best .

      • John

        Well Put….

    • Papa Wa Ofentse Le Nqobile

      The standard of journalism on this publication is a disgrace to the entire media profession. We know jobs are precious in Zimbabwe but this type of biased , irresponsible and cheap reporting is not doing the country any good. This is what is keeping Zimbabwe where it is in the media freedom rankings internationally

    • Gus

      couldnt have said better

  • Willy

    Shame poor reporter to report what you have been told. Manje sorry some of us were there. It was a successful rally. You are such a liar Mr reporter.

  • Papa Wa Ofentse Le Nqobile

    The sensationalism on the opening paragraph clearly shows the bias that this tabloid publication has towards a certain party . Pathetic reporting . Mr Editor & Reporter you clearly know where your bread is buttered…..it is a catastrophe for journalists to blatantly please their paymasters….. but to sell your souls like this is a travesty .

  • sandura

    I thought Mr Editor, you will also report on the Rally itself

    • Zvobgo

      It was too big for him to swallow, wait to see how he will multiply the 100 who attend Dr Khupe’s gathering

  • Gus

    Vusumuzi sir, kindly respect our intelligence

  • andrew

    whats absurd about spaghetti roads in zimbabwe, botswana and namibia with smaller populations and lesser traffic volumes have them, surely its feasible and ideal for zim. u have been under this corrupt gvt for too long you have stopped believing, its shame to say the least.

  • samas

    I feel sorry for this reporter and editor. This rally has clearly shown the world how Zimbabweans can express themselves if given freedom to do so. No police brutality ,no food handouts but just pure freedom. Chisa mpama! I loved it.

  • Ntokozo Tshuma

    It’s so sad to note that “the Sunday News” Newspaper has been reduced to a lying mouth piece of a ruining regime. Even worse is the sheer reduction of professionals like journalists such as Vusumuzi Dube at this newspaper to witlessly propagate the expression of irresponsible reasoning; more so when that reasonableness is inscrutable, and that their preferred human reason should confine itself to examining everything with Zanu PF lenses. Its a shame!

    • Zvobgo

      The state mouthpieces like they scarf masters all suffer from ED (erectile dysfunction)!

    • Zvobgo

      The scarf is popular with older men trying to recuperate from ED (erectile dysfunction)

  • Berman

    However you claim that the reporter is biased, how do you explain the lie from Kamisa that Nkomo’s family almost gave him the ‘sacred’ stick belonging to the late big Josh.. That is sheer madness. That boy is a Cretan lier.

    • Zvobgo

      Only the Nkomo family can make any affirmation or rebuttal of what worries you.
      0therwise how does the reporter think a knobkerrie could earn Chamisa some votes?

  • Sandura1

    A bus has a capacity to carry 90 people. Multiply by 10 claimed buses, that’s 900 people. That crowd was just far beyond that. Mr editor, respect your employer, that is the reader.

    • Zvobgo

      Even ten hired trains cant make up that crowd!

      • sarah Mahoka

        40 buses is 28000 that crowd is about 3000 only

        • Zvobgo

          SABC estimates who I was watching say at leat 35 000
          I would rather believe them due to the 3-D view they base their estimates o.
          I dunno how many angles your (ZBC?) station was using.

        • Zvobgo

          It would take 40 buses loaded with 700 passengers to get the 28k you claim. Even a train carries at most 1000 passengers when pulling 20-30 carriages.
          You failed O level Maths definitely

    • zibulo

      got them, well done Comrade. ubatshayile ekhanda !!! damn liars like Christopher Columbus

  • silungisn

    Miss Thokozani Khuphe is Ok in using the Name MDC-T on her campaigning for the General Elections in 2018….so Ben-10 Chamisa will use his campaigning Name as MDC-Alliance….Ben-10 musn’t be jealous with that Miss Khuphe is in the right track….

    • Zvobgo

      When Edgar Tekere, Joyce Mujuru were expelled from Zanupf, they had to find names for their new parties.
      When Robert Mugabe was expelled, he formed NPF

      • silungisn

        Who is firing who in the MDC-T Party?…..Ben-10 Chamisa inherited the Faction Leadership Unconstititutional in a Coup….so Miss Khuphe was left an Acting Vice President in the original Tsvangirai MDC-T Party…..

        • Zvobgo

          They have what is the NEC (national executive council) whose verdict supersedes that of any individual in the party if needs be.
          They are the ones who anointed Chamisa and expelled Khupe, Bhebhe and Gutu

          • silungisn

            You utters rubbish…all the Deputies in MDC-T Party anointed Ben-10 Chamisa…why the y did the short cuts?….its a Coup….Nonsense…

          • Zvobgo

            Ask the NEC!
            Sorry if you were as angry when Dr Mujuru was kicked out by her disciplinary committee.
            Never mind the lady in question has embarked on a “no panty” campaign.
            Whatever it means I wouldn’t want to see what those pantys cover!

          • Cde Hondo


          • Cde Hondo

            Confusing yourself

      • Cde Hondo

        Number one

  • Regime_Change

    Sunday News grow up please! This school boy behaviour is irritating. Does it matter where people came from for the rally- as long as they were not forced. If they voluntarily came all the way from Chitungwiza, that’s great. It shows people are willing to accompany their leader in all these rallies. Well done Chamisa and the Alliance partners. Very soon this ZANU PF mouth piece will even run out of these lies they are manufacturing.

  • Zvobgo

    Why are the bus routes hidden by these 3rd force activists?
    Surprisingly only “MDC violence” is ever captured on camera?….. By 3rd Force of course!!!
    Real violence like that perpetrated by the JuntaPF on Prof Moyo, Dr Chombo and cde Mugabe’s former bodyguards was never captured. Why? coz even the 3rd Force is too scared to film it.

  • Zvobgo

    Meanwhile massage your ED (erectile dysfunction) as much as you can.
    Remind him to lend a hand to Godfrey Majonga whom he crippled over a Hutu prostitute.
    Now like Majonga, he is suffering from erectile dysfunction.
    No wonder he calls himself ED

  • zibulo

    I have always warned that this Govt-owned Media Company which owns Zimpapers.ZBC and ZTV, has to be brought to book !!!.Using our taxes they lambast organizations which represent a considerable percentage of us in Parly, meaning vele bayasidelela, and are very lousy liars , very lousy, even failing to lie !!! 10 x 60-passenger buses filling up the White City kkkkkkk. ZANU PF still owes NRZ and ZUPCO for ferrying people to their rallies for free from the time ZANU took over power and begab using SOEs to its benefit. To date these SOEs still reel ubder financial stress caused by the still-there Cadre deployees who continue to loot and are awaiting “new”funds” to loot when funds come to revive them. CSC,NRZ, ZOC are brike because of ZANU. MDC pays fof its transport. Never knew that MT had a pope-mobile-like car, till it was splashed negatively somehow on the paper. Al those literate people who buy Sunday news have said their piece here, 99.99% view this story as LOUSY.

  • Zvobgo

    May the Good Lord us with courage and wisdom so that more men and women may see the state media chicanery so as to advise those who may be quite naive or gullible.

  • Nate Shingi

    Thank Sunday News for exposing this scam. Chamisa’s sympathisers have forgotten that it’s 1 man 1 vote and Chamisa cannot bus people on election day

  • daddy K

    singing for your supper, it’s sad to see journalists being reduced to this

  • JJ

    This is shameful and disgraceful reporting by all standards.The reporter from the onset showed clear bias and failed to report issues factually.I was at the rally and the rally demonstrated that the Chamisa storm has totally overwhelmed the nation.For a reporter to try to down play and belittle that its actually preposterous.

  • vodloza

    why don’t you join politics or better form your own political party because clearly you are not a journalist.Shame what a heap of nonsense.

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  • Major Musango

    FAKE NEWS!! I wonder if this the responsible and fair reporting that was declared when the coup plotters took over ZBC