Cal_Vin gets cosy with hot girlfriend

by Sunday News Online | Sunday, Nov 5, 2017 | 1188 views
Cal_Vin and Shantel

Cal_Vin and Shantel

Bhekumuzi Ncube, Sunday Life Reporter
LAST week Bulawayo’s most recognised contemporary hip-hop maestro, Cal_Vin, created social media frenzy when he posted ‘‘hot’’ pictures of himself and a gorgeous woman having a blissful time at a local leisure centre.

The two lovebirds shared pictures of them kissing as well as video clips swimming alongside each other in a very exuberant mood that even a five-year-old could tell the two were lovers.

As expected, women, who follow the rapper were the most shocked by Cal_Vin’s posts.

Sunday Life (SL) caught up with the award-winning rapper, and asked him to share detailed information about his relationship with the beautiful woman that took social media by storm.

SL: Last week, you were trending on social media after posting pictures of yourself and a woman half-dressed at Water World. Can you tell us more about that woman and her relationship with you?

Cal_Vin: I am very much in a romantic relationship with Shantel. I have known her for quite some time. We are both from Luveve suburb. It’s crazy that when I first saw her years back, we were not attracted to each other, but here we are madly in love with each other. Shantel works at a hotel in town. She is very determined and an independent women.

SL: Celebrities are known for cheating on their girlfriends as they are always away on tours. Beautiful women are always after famous celebrities like you. Is Shantel able to stand against that kind of pressure?

Cal_Vin: She is a very brave woman ready to deal with the fact that as an artiste, I will be travelling a lot and many girls will be after me. She is very aware that her life is now watched closely by people and the media who are waiting for her to make a mistake.

SL: After putting your relationship in the open for the world to see, are you still happy about it or regret your decision?

Cal_Vin: Yes, I am very happy with my decision. Life is too short to waste it focusing on things you do not have. What I am doing right now is enjoying what I have. Another good thing about putting my relationship to the public is that fans now view me as an honest person. When your relationship is a mystery, people will see you as a player who is breaking women’s hearts behind scenes.

SL: It might be a good thing putting your relationship in the open, but are you not afraid that your female fans will start hating you because you are seeing someone else?

Cal_Vin: I honestly thought my relationship will make my female followers desert me also, but that is quite the opposite. The majority of them are congratulating me while others are still confident they will get my attention in the future. It’s true that artistes try by all means to put their private lives away from the media and people in general, but sometimes you’ve got to follow what your heart tells you do.

SL: It’s been quite a good year for you. Firstly, you bagged the best male and hip-hop award in the Bulawayo Arts Awards. Secondly, you released a promising hit Kingkong which has been well received by fans and was nominated in the Humanitarian African Prestigious Awards (Hapa) to be held in Germany. Is Shantel behind all this success since you have known her for the past few years?

Cal_Vin: Since you have mentioned my nomination for best new artiste in Germany at the Hapa awards to be held on 19 November, I am the only Zimbabwean in that list and I would like to urge everyone to vote for me and make our country proud. Shantel has been supportive in some of my projects and I very much appreciate it.


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