Chat with Sis Noe: I am pregnant but still having periods

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Hi Sis Noe
I am pregnant but I am still having my period. — Confused.

You cannot have a period while you are pregnant because both of these functions cannot happen at the same time.

If you were pregnant and began menstruating, inevitably you would lose the pregnancy or have a miscarriage.

Although you can’t be pregnant and have a period at the same time, you can, in fact, experience vaginal bleeding and continue to be pregnant.

These are two very different terms: vaginal bleeding and menstruation (period), but it is usually vaginal bleeding that women confuse as their periods.

The pregnancy hormone completely prevents ovulation in the first place. Ovulation is required to have a period. You cannot have a period while you are pregnant. So in biological terms, it makes no sense to have a period while you were pregnant. It’s simply not possible.

Therefore, the spotting or bleeding that you are experiencing is caused by something other than your period.

Most women confuse and accept bleeding during a pregnancy as their period; they fail to inform their doctor.

Thus, there are very harsh consequences for not obtaining the proper medical attention in time when they have abnormal vaginal bleeding. So I advise you to see a doctor immediately.

Hi Sis Noe
My problem is that when I have sex with my boyfriend I start bleeding and it goes on for days. Please help me, I am worried. — Worried.

If you bleed after sex and you are not on your period see a doctor.

If you have abnormal bleeding or spotting between periods then that could be a symptom of an STI and needs to be looked at.

Although it is scary to think about, ignoring the problem could make things a lot worse.

Bleeding after sex with your partner could be caused by a number of reasons ranging from a side effect of the contraception pill if you are on one to a natural virus known as HPV which causes cervical cancer.

Any abnormal bleeding must be looked at. See a doctor.

Hi Sis Noe
I have a problem with my periods. I sometimes miss them but continue the next month. — Worried.

Missing a menstrual period is a lot more common than most people realise.

This is often called amenorrhoea, which is the technical word for absence of menstrual periods. In women who are not pregnant, amenorrhoea is usually due to a hormonal imbalance.

While these hormonal imbalances are not usually serious, there are some long-term health risks that can be avoided with treatment.

Understand that missing a period is neither a disease nor a sure sign that you’re pregnant. Sometimes missing a period is perfectly normal and doesn’t mean anything is wrong.

Usually if the period is late and the woman is not pregnant, the cause is hormonal. This means that she is not ovulating regularly for some reason. Missed periods are often caused by undergoing a lot of stress.

Stress can upset the normal hormonal balance in your body, causing your period to come late, or skip for one month.

Some other characteristic causes of missed periods include undergoing any major changes in your life, such as moving, starting a new job, or changed eating or exercise habits.

Loss of significant amount of weight can also cause you to miss a menstrual period. If you find that this condition persists over a few months, you should make an appointment with a doctor.

If you miss more than three cycles or have any symptoms that are worrying you, you should see your doctor to check for the cause of the problem.

Usually it does not turn out to be serious and may resolve on its own. But it is advisable to invest in your health before it gets out of control.

The associated hormonal imbalances caused by missed periods may take a toll on your health in the long run. Avoid that by getting in control of your cycles.

Hi Sis Noe
My boyfriend says my vagina is too big and loose and he no longer enjoys sex with me. Could this be caused by masturbating? I am thinking of using creams to tighten my vagina. — Worried.

Saying your vagina is “too big and loose” was cruel of him.

How does he know that yours is big and loose? It is possible that his penis is smaller in thickness and so he is not able to feel you properly.

It is also possible that you are well lubricated that he could not feel much of a grip (this is especially true if your boyfriend has always masturbated using his hands).

Rather than jumping to a conclusion that your vagina is big and loose, you need to be confident about yourself.

To some extent, a vagina gets a bit loose after some time of having sex.

What is needed for you now is pelvic floor tightening exercise (Kegel exercise) and a positive mind.

There are many vaginal tightening creams/gels sold out there but I don’t recommend them — they are most likely harmful.

If you think it works and makes you feel confident, go for it but don’t say I didn’t warn you. Open communication with your boyfriend is important.

If he is not able to understand your position and sabotages the sexual experience due to the size, then there are few fundamental issues that you need to clarify or review with your boyfriend.

Sex is part of life and in that intercourse is only a fraction of sex.

Please do not let a very small aspect of your sex take control of your whole life.

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