Church foretells ED’s victory

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President Mnangagwa follows proceedings as Mutumwa Noah Taguta leads the opening session of a church service at Mafararikwa Shrine, Marange, yesterday. - Picture: Tawanda Mudimu

President Mnangagwa follows proceedings as Mutumwa Noah Taguta leads the opening session of a church service at Mafararikwa Shrine, Marange, yesterday. – Picture: Tawanda Mudimu

Levi Mukarati and Tendai Mugabe in Marange
The Johane Marange Apostolic Church yesterday prophesied that President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s victory in the July 30 polls is not only certain, but guaranteed.

The prophecy was announced at the Mafararikwa Shrine in Bocha, Marange, where more than 250 000 members of the church gathered for the annual Passover Feast. President Mnangagwa was invited by the church’s leader, Mutumwa Noah Taguta, to attend the 17-day event that ends on Tuesday.

Thousands of congregants from several African countries also turned up for the Passover event. More than six evangelists who ministered during a church service held before the Passover said President Mnangagwa would romp to victory with ease.

In his remarks, President Mnangagwa welcomed the prophecy and said his Government would do everything possible to ensure freedom of worship in the country.

“I want to thank Baba Mutumwa Taguta. He has extended his benevolence to me and shown me the way. He said, ‘my son, this is the correct path to follow and if I fail, that will be my own fault.’ As the leader of the country, I preach day and night the gospel of peace and unity. Yes, we are approaching elections and you have assured me victory. What God has written with his hand is final. My victory has been prophesied here and nothing is going to stand in the way of that prophecy. I thank you all for that.”

President Mnangagwa reiterated his message of peace and unity ahead of the polls. He said peace is important for the development of the country.

“It is my hope and hope of the new Government that we should have peace and unity in our country. God cherishes to see his people united and working together in harmony. We want peace among Christians, we want peace among Zimbabweans for our country to develop. Receiving blessings from God is easy if you are united. The last time I met Mutumwa Taguta he requested if Government can provide the church with a farm to do projects and we have honoured that request.

“They also requested tractors and I said as Government we will do our best depending on the availability of funds. You also requested that we sink boreholes here for people to have safe drinking water and I am sure work is underway to address that.

We do that as Government because the people that we lead are from the church. Church has a role to prepare for our future life. Everything that we do as human beings will come to an end, but the word of God that you preach will be there forever.”

President Mnangagwa said members of the Johane Marange Apostolic Church were blessed to have a leader like Mutumwa Taguta. He said he was enchanted by the huge turnout at the Shrine, where hundreds of thousands of congregants volunteered to attend.

“When we do our political meetings, we do door-to-door mobilisation. What I have seen here is amazing and it shows us the power of God. Here, we don’t say your victory is certain, but that your victory is guaranteed. This is a holy place and you need not to fear anything. What you only need to have is faith. Clothes that are donned today are not ordinary. The hand of Mutumwa Noah that blessed you today is not also ordinary.”

Other evangelists said former President Mugabe failed to follow instructions he got from Mutumwa Noah and that marked his downfall. Mr Mugabe, they said, surrendered his power to his wife Mrs Grace Mugabe — a move that was against Mutumwa Noah’s instructions.

The gathering was also attended by Manicaland Minister of State for Provincial Affairs Mrs Monica Mutsvangwa and Zanu-PF members who included Manicaland chair Cde Mike Madiro and Buhera North legislator Cde William Mutomba.

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  • jonso

    It is indeed guaranteed. I posted this verse to the president’s face book page yesterday, and if The President ED can read this, I beg him to take this verse seriously and pray about it. and indeed ED is the next president.

    Isaiah 58:12 King James Version (KJV)
    “And they that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places; thou shalt raise up the foundations of many great generations; and thou shalt be called, The Repairer of the breach, The Restorer of paths to dwell in.”

    Isaiah 58:12 New International Version (NIV)
    “Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins and will raise up the age-old foundations; you will be called Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings.”

    May God Bless You ED.

  • bhuti moyo


  • zibulo

    remember Mgabe and Grace ,the picture in which they were clad in Mapostoli attire too ?? they are n ow holed up somewhere in Salisbury , kept in that hole and told to shut up about past deeds, lest they spill the beans. Ama postoli know that God is not a liar, and if they side with a politician instead of with good governance by any who comes into power , they will be punished by God. Will the church be fair and invite all major political leaders who command millions in support as their numbers have a bearing on elections outcome, and if Mnagangwa loses they should be careful of politicians and their propaganda machinery. the sunday news editor will be fired if govt changes, what abt them ?