Could Amalodger be the best thing after?

by Sunday News Online | Sunday, Sep 10, 2017 | 933 views
Madlela Skhobokhobo

Madlela Skhobokhobo

Nhlalwenhle Ngwenya
NOW and then unexpectedly, out of the blue a hit track emerges out of the Bulawayo music scene, catching Bulawayo music fans unaware.

Despite a gluttonous appetite for South African music, for that window period, Bulawayo music fans feast on the latest dish that would have wet their appetites.

With that in mind, Magwaza for the better part of last year got Bulawayo on stage with his energetic track Umakokotsha, as soon as the track faded Madlela blessed the crowd with his hit track Ngamnank’ uSamamo, which with no doubt sent a shock wave of rumba music across Bulawayo if not the whole of Zimbabwe.

As Madlela’s track is still raising dust on many dance floors, Khuxxman has also thrown his name in the hat with his track Amalodger from his latest album Uzofela ejele. Soon after receiving airplay on VukaVuka breakfast show on Skyz Metro FM Amalodger has drawn attention and is quickly making its way to be a pub anthem.

The track, fused in Disco and Afro-pop feel, narrates difficulties faced by tenants at the hands of their landlords and it seems to have a relative and entertaining appeal to most people who have gone through the same situation, to the extent that music enthusiast have declared the track as the biggest thing after Ngamnank’ uSamamo.

Khuxxman who is a lodger himself believes that Amalodger has the potential to outdo the track Ngamnank’u Samamo, but was quick to state that the music industry is too volatile to make the prediction.

“There is a possibility for the track to do even better than Samamo, but it’s too early to announce that. The music industry is dynamic before, you know it, there will be a next banger changing the prevailing wave. The funny part is that in the track I was talking about my personal experience and to my surprise it resonates with a lot of people out there,” he said.

The main hurdle in front of Khuxxman as he tries to make the next leap to victory is the high demand of the album, which inevitably will be addressed by pirates who are always at bay whenever such an opportunity avails itself.

“The response to the album, especially the track Amalodger is very good to the extent that I am failing to meet the demand from the fans. For example there is a high demand of the album in Botswana but am struggling to produce enough copies since I don’t have a sponsor. This is already becoming a problem because last week I found some guys pirating the album at Sokusile. This is will affect the impact of the album in general,” he said.

As the festive season approaches it’s only a matter of time before music fanatics and get to conclude if indeed Amalodger has the mantle to take on Madlela’s track and other tracks from across Limpopo.


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