Dressing up for church

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PREVIOUSLY we have discussed nails, shoes, prints, hair, grooming, perfumes and a whole lot of fashion related topics but people keep asking me ‘‘what is appropriate for church?’’ Dressing up for church is not as easy as many would assume, in as much as we say DO NOT JUDGE but a lot of judging happens in church. Some may go with what they feel is comfortable for them when dressing up for church while others will go for something more on the conservative side.

Church may be once a week for those who do not attend evening prayers, it is good to look good in the house of God. The way you dress for church will always depend on the kind of church you go to. Some churches allow women to wear pants/trousers, skirts at knee level and certain hairstyles while some require women to only wear skirts at ankle level and cover their heads. If you are visiting churches for the first time do try and ask around what may be appropriate. Here are a few tips that will assist you.

1 Dress like a lady — Dressing like a lady does not mean you won’t look fashionable. A polka dot dress paired with cute heels is lady like, a pencil skirt and a blouse is modest, African attire outfits are also very much appropriate. Do not dress like you are going for a party, do present yourself like a lady.(this will keep your good reputation in check).

2 Avoid tight and see-through clothing — If you are having difficulties walking properly in a skirt then it is too tight, when leaving home and your skirt is below the knees then suddenly it’s a mini by the time you reach church it is too tight, when you constantly have to pull down your skirt it is too tight. Dress in something that you are comfortable in and won’t draw attention for the wrong reasons. Transparent clothing is never a good idea ever. Rather wear a vest underneath the transparent top and petticoat underneath your dress.

3 Do not show too much skin — You do not have to wear a dress at ankle level, but be careful how much skin your show.

Knee-level skirts and dresses will always look classy if they are not too tight. DO NOT SHOW CLEAVAGE ever! Vests are usually inappropriate except if you wear a blazer or throw over on top. Make sure your sleeveless tops do not show any side breasts (super inappropriate for church). When you feel your legs are showing more than you want but you really love your dress, pair it up with stockings.

4 Jeans and sneakers are not for church — Jeans and sneakers can be worn by teenagers in the church, but when older folks do it, it looks tacky and as if you had no plans to come to church, you just decided while on your way to the store. If you want to wear pants go for slacks. make sure your slacks are not skin tight and are not low cut, no one wants to be looking at your behind the entire service. Sneakers are never okay for church; do wear flats if you are not feeling heels on that particular day.

Do invest in a comfortable pair of heels for church, they should fit you perfectly. Why am I saying this? Because I really don’t like it when women remove their shoes in church!

5 Go for a hairstyle that you like — If the kind of church is okay with the ladies wearing weaves and wigs then do go for what works for you. Some hairstyles may seem crazy to some people but if you like it and you are a sucker for blonde or red hair go for it.

6 Look your best — Just because you cannot wear jeans, sneakers, tight and transparent clothes it doesn’t mean you have to look shabby. Look your best, wear bright colours in summers, team up your look with a matching hat or bag. Wear a nice scarf and carry a fancy fan.

People talk, that’s just how it is but it shouldn’t prevent you from looking dolled up in church. Do dress fashionably and appropriately. Let’s go to church!

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