Drones for rallies

by Sunday News Online | Sunday, Jul 1, 2018 | 4086 views
Senior Assisstant Commissioner Charity Charamba

Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba

Rumbidzai Muparutsa, Harare Bureau
ZIMBABWE’s security cluster has activated robust anti-terrorism measures which will see police introduce special anti-terror personnel, drones and other monitoring mechanisms commensurate with the magnitude of all political gatherings countrywide.

The measures come as police boost security ahead of the 30 July 2018 harmonised elections, and follow the 23 June attempt on President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s life soon after addressing a rally at White City Stadium in Bulawayo.

The attack has been roundly condemned locally and internationally, and President Mnangagwa has said it will not stop elections from going ahead as constitutionally scheduled. In an interview in Harare last week, Zimbabwe Republic Police Commander for the 2018 Harmonised Elections Committee, Senior Assistant Commissioner Erasmus Makodza said at least 45 000 specially trained police officers had been tasked to handle security countrywide.

“There will be increased vigilance and increased police visibility at all rallies. We will also ensure that we deploy more plain clothes police officers among the crowds and we shall be using drones to monitor activities at rallies and capture what is going on.

“As of our deadline which is 30 June 2018 (yesterday), we expect to have officially trained 45 000 officers ahead of the elections.

“Our training is focusing on management of harmonised elections, the Electoral Act, public order and disorder training, and human rights. We also have a manual that we have produced for all officers involved. It basically contains the key elements of the Electoral Act which the police will be using during the elections.”

Snr Asst Comm Makodza said police district and provincial commanders were in the process of issuing bans on dangerous weapons, a process that would culminate in a national prohibition order.

“In terms of the bans on dangerous weapons, officers commanding in districts that include Masvingo, Mashonaland Central, Manicaland, Midlands, Mashonaland East have already started issuing the bans that make certain weapons illegal to move around with,” he said.

The proscribed weapons are catapults, knobkerries, bows and arrows, knives, machetes, axes and spears. He said the environment was relatively calm with cases of intra-party violence having been recorded mostly during party primary elections. Snr Asst Comm Makodza said most cases of intra-party violence had not gone to prosecution as those involved opted for out-of-court settlements.

“The ZRP acknowledges that the nation has heeded the call by His Excellency President Emmerson Mnangagwa to carry out elections campaigns in a peaceful environment,” he said.

“Besides the Bulawayo incident, which we have come up with practical measures to prevent in the future, this election is very peaceful. We are confident the call for peace has been received by most Zimbabweans. During our assessment in the provinces, on the state of preparedness for the elections, we note traditional and religious leaders are in line with us, they agree that the elections this time are peaceful, compared to the previous polls.”

Meanwhile,  the ZRP and other security forces have intensified investigations into the terror attack at White City Stadium, chief police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba has said.

In a statement on Friday, Snr Asst Comm Charamba said the team that was set up to investigate the bomb blast was “firmly on the ground” and was “diligently conducting investigations”. She urged members of the public to come forward with any information that may help the investigations.

“The team is expertly sifting through available evidence. Members of the public are urged to come forward with information that aids the investigations. Meanwhile, we wish to extend our appreciation to all those who continue to provide information for use by the investigation team,” she said.

Police are offering a reward to anyone with information that may help in bringing the perpetrators to book. President Mnangagwa has said he suspects the G40 cabal had a hand in the terror attack as the group had made numerous attempts on his life in the past.

In an interview with the BBC last week, President Mnangagwa said despite the attack, there was no need to panic and place the country under security alert. The world condemned the White City Stadium cowardly terror attack with the African Union, Sadc and the United Nations leading the chorus. Opposition political parties, churches and musicians also spoke against the assassination attempt on President Mnangagwa.

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  • Takesure Zvazviri

    A positive development to curb political violence, we want a safe environment for elections.

    • zibulo

      Elections or no elections , we want Human Rights , Freedom Of Expression , Real Unity of Shona and Ndebele (not ZANU/ZAPU,they are not Zimbabwe alone , there are others outside the parties)we want a Commission of Enquiry in to Why We are Where We Are, how got to this Mess. Any investors coming in this environment are likely to lose their monies and Hatred of each other will continue. We dont care who rules as long as Rights are observed, Criminals in State Jobs arrested and prosecuted . We want Army Generals who dont salute ZANU but Zimbabwe, who speak properly instead of War Threats daily , MDC and ZANU as long as they rule per Constitution , zim will be safe. After all all elections have been a farce, false , rigged , and yiou say you want a good environment for “elections”

  • Major Musango

    When are the drones going to be purchased and how many of them considering that the elections are due in about four weeks. After all who says drones are the real solution to a problem you haven’t found it’s root cause.

  • murenga

    Ngatiparidzei shoko rerunyararo kwese kwatinoenda using bombs as a way to destruct opposition is not ideal

  • Ndolos

    Pour me water

  • Kokerai chisvo

    Lets conduct our rallies in a peaceful manner innocent lives were lost last week in byo just because of haterage ngatikurei

  • Flame

    Lets unite and pray for our country pasi nemhirizhonga
    Pamberi nerunyararo

  • Blade

    Yeah peace and security is of paramount importance right nw

  • Cde bae

    More drones even kutodarika Masuria unless it’s military police not vana vamayayaa

  • Dombo

    Brilliant idea bcz it seems the enemy is out fo a life yet we can’t afford to loose our presidentp

  • Kamba

    Zvakatikoshera izvozvo nekuti tinoda kugara in harmony mu zim

  • White

    Great news.. Let’s se where the enemy wil penetrate from next

  • Tinokunda

    It wld hv b nice if military was deployed more … Security maters most