Elephant’s Walk Shopping and Artistes Village: a hidden gem popular among tourists

by Sunday News Online | Sunday, Apr 16, 2017 | 1718 views

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Peter Matika, recently in Victoria Falls
IF ever you take a trip to the majestic Victoria Falls and find yourself tired of the usual viewing of the booming waters of the Victoria Falls, why not take a trip down to the Elephant’s Walk Shopping and Artiste Village. The village nestled at Adam Stander Drive in the resort town is a haven not only for artistes but tourists seeking a rather relaxed and tranquil set up were they can enjoy the wonders of the town without having to tussle around.

Here one gets a chance to meet local artistes and craftsmen at work, creating uniquely Zimbabwean pieces.

Popular sites at the mall include the jewellery studio, where tourists can get a chance to see silver-smiths using the art of lost wax casting.

Also there is a spicy but yet sweet scented organic herb garden, where a herbalist can take tourists on a short course about herbs.

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Also tucked in next to the garden is a coffee shop, where one can enjoy delicious home grown Zimbabwean coffee and tasty foods at The Africa Café.

The mall not only boasts of that but is also inundated with culture and history.

If these fancy your interest a visit to the Jafuta Heritage Centre is a must. There expect to find a comprehensive collection of Zimbabwean artefacts, and a curator who is also the local traditional healer, who can tell your fortune if ever you wish.

For the more adventurous, predator diving with Nile crocodiles, Zambezi tiger fish and vundu is an alternate way to cool down on a hot day.


There is a marimba outfit that plays at the entrance of the mall every single day to welcome visitors.

On a Saturday morning, The Africa Café Courtyard, an artiste sings and plays an acoustic guitar, performing popular contemporary songs by many bands and artistes from around the world.

Jafuta Heritage Centre

At the Jafuta Heritage Centre you will find a comprehensive collection of Zimbabwean artefacts, focusing on local peoples, historical records of the region and a small library of historical books.

The curator, who also doubles up as a traditional healer gives tourists an in-depth knowledge of the country’s history.

This private collection is on loan from the Jafuta Trust — an organisation set up for the preservation of cultural and material history of the region as well as a vehicle to develop a Centre of Excellence for local Zimbabweans.

Predator Diving

For the more adventurous, seeking an adrenalin rush predator diving with Nile crocodiles, Zambezi tiger fish and vundu in

their “turf” is an alternate way to cool down on a hot day . . . take the plunge . . . if you dare!

The Predator Diving is handled by professionals and safety is of utmost importance.


Elephant’s Walk holds an annual Christmas event organised by committed well-wishers. Lots of activities are lined up during the festive season, with the event also paving way for locals to benefit from.

The event mostly focuses on raising funds for the less privileged.


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