Ex-dancer who lost legs finds love

by Sunday News Online | Sunday, Nov 12, 2017 | 998 views
You may kiss the bride . . . Nomathamsanqa Matsheza and husband Hilmar Koenig

You may kiss the bride . . . Nomathamsanqa Matsheza and husband Hilmar Koenig

Peter Matika, Senior Life Reporter
AFTER losing both legs to gangrene two years ago, a former Abatsha Dance Group member, Nomathamsanqa Matsheza, recently wedded a man she met online, Sunday Life is informed.

Matsheza, who in June 2015 came down with a common cold, which later affected her immune system turning into gangrene, lost both her limbs leaving her bound to a wheelchair.

The 34-year-old Matsheza who highly depended on dancing to make ends meet, last year approached the media seeking assistance to procure prosthetic legs. Perhaps her plight was heard beyond borders and developed into more than just an appeal but a heart-warming love story.


Despite shying away from the media about her fairy tale, Matsheza and her husband have been posting on social media lovely pictures and stories of their love and wedding held somewhere in Bulawayo.

Her husband Hilmar Koenig, a German national boldly posted not so long ago: “I have got an outstanding wife. Her name is: NOMI.” The post received many likes and comments.

Happy couple — Nomathamsanqa and Hilmar

Happy couple — Nomathamsanqa and Hilmar

A brave woman who was blinded in a horrific acid attack aged just 15 after rejecting a marriage proposal has found the love of her life in a touching way.

Evidently from the way the pair shares pictures of themselves and openly talk about their love life on social media, Koenig treats Matsheza like a princess and queen and always encourages her to live a positive and happy life.

The pair is believed to have met a few years ago and their relationship has finally blossomed into marriage.

Nomathamsanqa 2

“Anyone faced with what she went through would obviously experience depression, but her prince and knight in shining armour rescued her from that and is very happy,” said a relative.

Koenig, would talk to her for hours and motivate her, till she regained her confidence.

“She is happy that she was able to restart her life, all glory being to God and would like to urge all disabled and those lacking confidence in finding love, given their disability to pray to God and he shall grant it,” said the relative.

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