Flying Eagles Cycling Club needs sponsorship to revive cycling

by Sunday News Online | Sunday, Oct 8, 2017 | 342 views

Sisa Sihwa, Sports Reporter
Flying Eagles Cycling Club are desperately in need of sponsorship to revive cycling as a sport in the country.

The cycling club based in Bulawayo has been facing hardships since its main challenge was attaining financial assistance to purchase bikes and cycling equipment for the cyclists.

The Flying Eagles Cycling Club vice-chairperson, Crispen Kazingizi said the club is in need of cycling kits, bikes and equipment since some members of the club cannot afford to provide for themselves.

“The club is in need of money to purchase bikes, cycling kits, tubes and tyres for our cycling members because most of them are not employed and are still attending school,” he said.

Most of the material used by the cyclists is worn out and old due to long distance racing and training.

“There is need for new tyres and tubes for the bikers since the ones they have quickly worn out because they are used for training and racing long distances,” said Kazingizi.

The other challenge faced by the cycling club is transport and accommodation costs for its cyclists to attend tournaments in neighbouring countries.

“The club usually fails to pay for transport and accommodation for its bikers to attend tournaments in neighbouring countries Botswana and South Africa,” he said.

The chairman of Flying Eagles Cycling Club Clifford Kee-Tui revealed that the club has been operating without any sponsorship or corporate support.

“Currently we have no sponsors, we have been running without any financial support and cyclists moan of breaking bikes and other cycling equipment.

The biggest problem is funding,” said Kee-Tui.

Asked about how the club has been surviving without financial backing Kazingizi revealed that the club has been thriving from well wishers and community members who are benevolent.

“We have had well wishers and community members that have assisted through their contributions over the years,” he said.

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