Footballer’s wife flees from goblins

by Sunday News Online | Sunday, May 14, 2017 | 659 views

A LIVE-in girlfriend of a Zimbabwean footballer based in South Africa, a few weeks ago is said to have run away from “their” house in one of Bulawayo’s low-density suburbs, as rumour has it she was being attacked by supernatural creatures.

As rumour would have it this happened about two to three weeks ago, where she is said to have seen a baboon in the yard, before taking cover in the house.

She is said to have called for help from neighbours, who said they didn’t see anything. She is said to have on many occasions been complaining that her groceries were surprisingly disappearing, yet she hardly had visitors. The woman, suspicious of the animal and what was happening, decided to seek advice from one of their friends who coincidentally lives in the same neighbourhood.

The friend is said to have advised her to visit a traditional healer or prophet to find out what was going on. She then went to seek the services of a traditional healer, who, according to rumours stopped her dead at her feet at his gate and told her to seek the services of a much powerful healer, as what was stalking her was powerful and dangerous.

It is said the traditional healer called her by name and narrated her story to her, also revealing that her supposed husband had impregnated some other woman in South Africa and that she was just being used for ritual purposes.

She was told that she had been married off to a supernatural being to accumulate wealth and fortune and that he really didn’t care much about her. From there it is said she packed a few of her belongings and left the house.


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