Former VP Mphoko threatens hospital boss

by Sunday News Online | Sunday, Feb 18, 2018 | 6162 views
Former Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko

Former Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko

Mkhululi Sibanda, Assistant Editor
FORMER Vice-President Mr Phelekezela Mphoko allegedly threatened the chief executive officer of the United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH), Mrs Nonhlanhla Ndlovu, with unspecified action accusing her of directing the institution to stop the salary of one of his daughters who works at the hospital as a medical doctor, Sunday News can reveal.

According to sources at the hospital, Mr Mphoko called Mrs Ndlovu and threatened to “deal with her” when the hospital authorities ceased the salary of his daughter, Dr Sikhumbuzo Mphoko who went Awol during Operation Restore Legacy in November last year when the Zimbabwe Defence Forces launched the exercise targeting criminal elements surrounding former President Robert Mugabe.

A key member of the G40 cabal, Mr Mphoko had left Zimbabwe on an official visit to Japan on 14 November, a day before the defence forces launched the operation and he did not return to the country but instead, flew to Botswana where he was holed up until 1 December. His family including his two daughters who are medical doctors at UHB, Sikhumbuzo and Siduduzo reportedly also left the country and joined him in Botswana. Mrs Ndlovu confirmed that Mr Mphoko threatened her when the hospital ceased the salary of Dr Sikhumbuzo Mphoko.

“When they returned they reported for work but we had ceased the salary of one of the former VP’s daughters as she had not reported for duty for a continuous period of 14 days. We had no problems with the other one as she had followed the correct procedure of doing things here,” said Mrs Ndlovu.

“With regards with the other one, Mphoko contacted me and threatened me with unspecified action accusing me of being behind the ceasing of the salary of his daughter. I felt threatened and disappointed. I felt threatened because he used strong language against me which I can’t repeat. I was disappointed because I expected him to know what happens when someone just stops reporting for duty without following the necessary procedures. I expected him to know better as he once served as the country’s VP.”

After the threats, Mrs Ndlovu was then forced to inform her bosses in Harare. The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health and Child Care, Retired Major-General (Dr) Gerald Gwinji, then wrote to Mr Mphoko explaining the circumstances that resulted in the hospital ceasing the salary of his daughter. In the letter dated 31 January 2018 Rtd Maj-Gen (Dr) Gwinji wrote to Mr Mphoko stating that the CEO and her team followed due process in ceasing the salary of Dr Sikhumbuzo Mphoko.

“It is Government policy that salaries for any member who does not report for duty for a continuous period of 14 days be ceased as a way of controlling the wage bill. Dr Mphoko neither applied for leave nor informed the hospital authorities about her absence from work. The chief executive officer did what was expected under the circumstances. Request for the re-instatement on the pay sheet was initiated by the chief executive officer when Dr Mphoko eventually reported for duty and explained the circumstances around her absence from duty.”

When Sunday News contacted Rtd Maj-Gen (Dr) Gwinji he said his letter to the former VP was not acknowledging harassment of staff by Mr Mphoko, but it was meant to explain the fact that when the “doctors in question went absent without official leave the administration at UBH acted procedural by taking them off the payroll and allowing for procedural reconsideration of their case as they presented for duty after this period of absence.”

Efforts to contact Mr Mphoko were fruitless as all his two mobile phone numbers were said to be no longer in service.

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  • QB

    Mnxxxx Kanti Unjani vele lumuntu wamatsiyane? He thinks he is above the law?

  • Obey

    I thought Mphoko was done with this woman, shame. How can a man fight work issues/battles for a 41 year old woman treating her like at a primary school girl. What is a 41 year old still doing at home if all is well? She can not find a husband? Indaba ilapho ke, bakithi, Hence the envy on her age mate the CEO. All trains have left her, l hope she has a child at least to show that she is not worse than l think.
    So the truth has finally come out, Mphoko has 2 kids (as he calls them) working with this Beautiful CEO and they are both not married. Add the maths and imagine the frustration at home.
    Two Doctor girls chasing shadows at home , me l will go mad, Any normal parent will be frustrated and disappointed if their products get no takers,
    kikiki, others will distribute one -day- old chicks just to temporally escape from reality.
    Mphoko leave the poor woman alone you have tormented her enough. Nxola Phelekezela, (what a name)

    • Mnyamana

      It must be a frustrating experience fosho…….given their ungentlemanly father’s conduct, I will never consider any of the ageing daughters for a role in my romantic life-not even as side dishes!!!

    • Vimbai Nyandoro

      Hmmm u sound like u knw this daughter personally. And you sound very jealous of her. Let’s hope your married life is good and rosey. She is like my cousin, 42 and not married…cause with the scumbags that are out there in this world, and HIV…why rush? This is shallow of the CEO actually.

    • moyoza

      What is special in a marriage… Every person have his choice in life including getting married or not.
      Age is nothing but a number, don’t use it to denigrate somebody.
      You are jealous becuase she is a daughter of a former VP and progressive businessman.
      Stop being jelous idiot. Silima…nja yekaka

  • Sikhumbuzo Mphoko

    GOD is my defence.
    1. I had informed my HOD (head of department) about the situation so the hostipal was informed
    2. I did not recieve an email from the hospital informing me that my salary would be terminated for the next 4 months. On inquiry i was informed that HR was supposed to inform me before they terminate the salary
    3. My father did call Mrs Ndlovu as a concerned parent. He also called Dr Parirenyatwa and Mr Gwinji concerning the issue. We were all present as a family. He hoped that his explaination would explain my absence during that time he did not use any insultive words as she claims
    4. I have no ill will against Mrs Ndlovu, her choice to speak ill of me and make up lies about my father is her problem not ours.

    • skiesByo

      Shame Sikhumbuzo, why bother? You know the truth about your father and his obsession when it comes to that woman, ask your father what his problem is and stop displaying your stupidity on national newspapers. This is the same paper that your father used to torment and harass this woman. This is not the first time your father has attacked this woman, you know it well and clear what he used do before he became powerless umuntukazana.
      Ubukhosi ngamazolo, your father is old enough to know that.
      You are actually confirming that you enjoyed preferential treatment because of your father.

      Where has the CEO spoken ill of you? Are we reading the same newspaper article? At 41 yebo bantu !!!!!!! not even your Husband can confront your employers on your behalf.How can you be AWOL and still expect to be called and be sent emails? Did your father used his political Arm or VP status to get you into those positions. Is your father now worried that the Anti Corruption will find out , how 2 Russian trained medical doctors ???????? Tell us more Dr S Mphoko. I wonder what exactly you do as a Doctor.

      • moyoza

        Leave her alone wena mudidi wenja. Let her complain becuase the salary issue affects her family.
        You are writing this stupid response on a full stock nja yothuvi

    • Bk

      I wonder what the fuss is all about, the Mphoko Doctors ??? These girls are so incompetent and in our view they are a risk to patients. l am very sure if they were to be assessed now with their father’s influence out of the equation, they will not pass. We work with these girls everyday, they know the truth and how many times they have failed South African Examinations. Why did they come out of the UBH’s Doctors Chat group? Simply because we were telling them the truth.
      Allow for re-assessment and prove me wrong. These girls are Russian trained nurses, their father’s political Arm got them where they are.

      • Siduduzo Mphoko

        Awww hahahaha shame. Sikhumbuzo qualified in 2009, and joined UBH in 2010. Well before our father became VP.
        You jealously is seeping through your pores. Since you work with us everyday, take it up with our consultants who graded us after every rotation ,including the Clinical Director…Who you claim to have passed incompetent doctors. We are grateful to God for who and what we are.

        • Papa Wa Ofentse Le Nqobile

          What’s the world come to when our fathers have to fight our legal / labour battles ? Did she try the Labour Courts for possible mediation or arbitration ?

    • Papa Wa Ofentse Le Nqobile

      Pathetic , What’s the world come to ?Would you have involved your father in a Labour matter if he had not been the second vice president of an oppresive ,ruthless and brutal regime ?…. no you wouldn’t have….so why didn’t you go all the way to the Labour court ? Please advise how you father gets involved in a Labour matter .