Gango Fest set to rock up meaty delight

by Sunday News Online | Sunday, Aug 6, 2017 | 759 views

Grill BAr (4)

Peter Matika, Senior Life Reporter
IT’S going to be a meaty delight in the City of Kings, as a local restaurant is planning to hold a super meat deluxe festival themed the Gango Fest.

Da Flame Restaurant in Bulawayo plans on holding the festival once the winter spell is broken.

In an interview the owner of the restaurant award winning businesswoman Flattela Mandazi-Nleya said the idea was inspired by the now very popular scrumptious “all you can eat” meat dish gango.

“The idea behind the festival was incepted by everyone’s favourite dish gango. Everyone is talking about it and almost every restaurant or food place in the city is offering it,” said Mandazi-Nleya.

She said she was still working on the logistics on bringing the festival to life.

“We are still deliberating on booking space at a sports arena and the number of people that will attend. We are aiming at holding the festival soon as winter has cleared,” said Mandazi-Nleya.

She said her restaurant had since set up a grill bar to cater for the growing demand for gango and also let customers watch their food being prepared.

“It’s a see through bar grill that customers can relax and watch our staff prepare their cuisine. It’s quite a popular feature now and the most popular meal on the menu is gango. People want to see how it is prepared and see the ingredients used in preparing the sumptuous meal,” she said.

Mandazi-Nleya said the grill bar was mostly popular with people that don’t like oily and fatty food.

“The health conscious people love the grill bar. Grilled food is much healthier and the response since the setting up of the grill bar has been overwhelming,” she said.

Mandazi-Nleya in May this year held a traditional food expo at the restaurant, which saw a large turn out from foodies from across the city.

The exhibition saw artistes and corporates who sought to travel back in time to appreciate our culture and tradition attending the event.

The expo also sought to promote, through the expo, traditional foods that had lost popularity.

“The exhibition not only focused on food, but on promoting our culture, which we as a people are shying away from,” said Mandazi-Nleya.

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