High Court to sit over exam resit

by Sunday News Online | Sunday, Feb 11, 2018 | 4573 views
Prof Mavhima

Prof Mavhima

Harare Bureau/Sunday News Reporters
TWO parents in Harare have approached the High Court to cancel the scheduled resitting of the November 2017 Ordinary Level English Language Paper 2 public examination.

In their urgent chamber application Messrs Victor Mukomeka and Chingasiyeni Govhati, argue that Primary and Secondary Education Minister Professor Paul Mavima breached constitutional provisions by annulling the results when only the Zimbabwe Schools Examinations Council could do so.

They want the resit conducted variably or to be cancelled altogether — a matter the court will likely determine early this week. Yesterday, the High Court ruled that the application was urgent, and Prof Mavima and Zimsec will have to respond. Government last week ordered over 260 000 candidates to resit the examination after widespread cheating had been detected. The resit is scheduled for this Friday.

English Language is among compulsory Ordinary Level subjects in Zimbabwe. Messrs Mukomeka and Govhati are represented by Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights in collaboration with Justice for Children’s Trust.

Their application reads, in part, “(The examination) be declared null and void as the minister acted beyond his authority of which the Act empowers, in Section 34, only the examinations board to annul examination results.

“The minister confirms that the cheating was identified during the examination session. It is not clear why the English Paper 2 examination was allowed to continue, and why Zimsec proceeded to mark the exams, only to annul results on the 8th of February 2018, some months later.

“It is not clear why remedial action was not taken timeously and instantly upon realising the cheating or even the potential for cheating. Essentially, Zimsec allowed an exam in which they detected cheating to proceed and proceeded to mark it, only to annul results afterwards. The costs attached to this kind of action and the rationality and reasonableness of this decision alone does not withstand scrutiny.”

ZLHR project lawyer Mrs Belinda Chinovava told Sunday News that the application was filed at the High Court at 10pm on Friday. Prof Mavima, however, yesterday told Sunday News that his Ministry was yet to receive the summons regarding the urgent chamber application.

Prof Mavima said Government will take a position after the court outcome but will first respond to the application.

“I haven’t received any court summons yet but I have heard that there were people who wanted to go to court. While I have no information regarding the urgent chamber application, if it is true and we are served with summons, we are going to respond. I cannot say much because if the case is now before the courts we will then have to wait for the court outcome,” he said.

Prof Mavima had earlier told our Harare Bureau that public examination cheats would soon be jailed and face a five-year ban from sitting national aptitude tests.

“We are not going back on what we have decided; people should give us time to implement what have decided. We are working on the entire system to ensure we restore integrity to the education system and deal with the entire value chain of the examination system. We will uproot all rot. Strict measures are required. So, we are saying no fine, but jail terms for those found guilty. I assure you the ministry and Zimsec are re-looking the system — from exam setting to distribution of exam material — as we are determined to find the culprits and remove them from our system. Exam cheating and leaks have dragged on for long; so there’s no turning back on these strict measures.”

Zimsec spokesperson Ms Nicolette Dhlamini added: “We are working together with the ministry to make sure these criminals are brought to book. Right now, structures are being put in place to ensure we uproot all the culprits. As of now, some have been taken to court.

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  • Viva ZIMSEC

    what are these parents afraid of? had they bought papers for their children? They can not talk of costs now because ZIMSEC had already printed exam papers for the resit. To say the pronouncement should have been done by ZIMSEC is flimsy, zimsec and the minister are one in this case, if tomorrow the pronouncement comes through ZIMSEC spokesperson will they be fine with it? i support the resit so that cheats may know that cheating is not allowed.

    • Wezaka

      Their costs count. ZIMSEC is not paying for transporting the learners to the exam centres or from outside the country where they had visited. Some had gone for business in neighboring countries and they have to cut their orders because of this stupid decision. they should have made this bold decision soon after noticing it three or four days after the first sitting not to wait until the results are about to be published. This should be followed by letter of resignations from the ZIMSEC board.

  • The Observer

    How does the country know that there was no cheating in other exam-papers? It is well known that Zimbabwe has a history of this problem which continues unabated, without defined ethical and academic guidelines. The government should simply accept that its officials have no capacity to run a reputable examination…re-visiting and engagement with the Cambridge could be the only solution. We need to be colonized again!

  • Bongani Ray Gabadela Ncube

    this is childish act. zimsec should have done this sooner when it discovered the issue on time. why shouldn’t they deal with the cheats and give us a break. this government bakithi.


    Surely this is a waste of resources what happened why did you allow the cheating to continue without arresting the culprits at that particular time. You are causing confusion in our future leaders who did not cheat. The whole zimsec board should be changed and whoever was involved in handling the English papers should not be allowed to handle the exam papers anymore.

  • Penelope Pen

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