Hollywood actor Will Smith thrilled to be in Zimbabwe

by Sunday News Online | Sunday, Mar 12, 2017 | 2015 views

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WHEN a tourist destination continues to attract the who is who in the world, then it is time the whole world starts seeing how Zimbabwe is lucky to be blessed with one of the Seven Wonders of the World — Victoria Falls.

Victoria Falls has continued to attract people around the world and the latest was Hollywood actor Will Smith who went wild with joy after accomplishing his 20-year-old dream to visit the majestic place.

Smith, capped his visit to the resort town with a bungee jumping activity at the historic Victoria Falls Bridge, a 111-metre controlled fall into the might Zambezi River.

The company which runs the bungee jumping activity said it was thrilled to host Smith and this once again a stamp of approval of the destination and the region as a whole.

Shearwaters spokesman Mr Clement Mukwasi said Smith promised that he would go around telling other people of how fantastic Victoria Falls is.

“We are absolutely thrilled to have been able to host an A-list megastar like Will Smith on our bungee jumping activity. The publicit generated will be absolutely fantastic for Victoria Falls and the region as a whole. It is great to know that we have someone like Will Smith going out into the world telling everybody what a fantastic place this is to visit,” said Mr Mukwasi.

And true, from what Smith said when he engaged in that adrenalin-pumping activity, he was really happy.

“This is going to be a cool shot, watch out for this shot, this is crazy bungee jumping Victoria Falls. I have been wanting to do this for like almost 20 years. I have high blood pressure so they need to get me from being upside down,” said Smith in a video which he shot using a gopro camera.

Other prominent people who have visited an endorsed the Victoria Falls include professional wrestler Shawn Michaels, movie star and former US California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the late pop icon Michael Jackson, RnB singer Joe Thomas and the legendary R Kelly among others.


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