How to make your room feel inviting

by Sunday News Online | Sunday, May 14, 2017 | 760 views

cushions and pillows

Home Deco, Amanda Ncube
DECORATING your home does not have to be stressful as most people predict — instead it must be fun. Great decorating doesn’t have to cost a fortune — in fact, it doesn’t have to cost anything. There are fashionably affordable and effortlessly cheap decorating ideas that only look pricey. You can get the look you love while maintaining a budget that works for you.

Here are some of the ways to make your room feel inviting in a tight budget.

Create a cosy room by pillows or cushions. Pick pillows from around the room or house and arrange them on a couch to add comfort and colour. Choose pillows of different sizes and different colours yet not-so-loud colours that have different patterns — so as to balance colours for a perfectly mismatched look.

At times having a low ceiling is a disadvantage, but that should not stop you from making your room look elegant. You can fake a high ceiling with tactically placing window treatments. Make a room seem taller by installing the curtain rod above the window frame or even higher. Drapes should graze the bottom of the window sill or the floor. You can make your room welcoming by repeatedly printing a tulip shape using a trio of colours. Stagger the motif to add interest to your curtain panels.

A large mirror serves many functions in a room. With a beautiful frame it becomes impactful art. When angled against the wall, it tricks the mind into thinking the ceiling line is even higher than it is. When it reflects light, it brightens the space and provides the illusion of an extra wind. It is a way of avoiding holes on your walls.

Add punch to a window seat with a colourful throw and pillows. Look for a major colour which will grab people’s attention. If your room lacks a natural attention grabber or focal point you can also create one, pair a mirror or artwork with a console table, bench, or shelves to create a point of interest on your far wall.


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