I know who poisoned me – ED

by Sunday News Online | Sunday, Jan 21, 2018 | 9627 views
President Mnangagwa

President Mnangagwa

Vincent Gono, Acting News Editor
PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has lifted the lid on his poisoning saga saying he suspects he was poisoned by some good friends of his using hard metal arsenic toxin which could only be found in Russia and Israel.

He also spoke of the plan that was revealed to him soon after his firing as Vice-President by part of the security officers who were tasked to have him killed. President Mnangagwa said the plan was to pick him up at night, poison him and make sure he was dead before hanging him to make it look like he committed suicide.

He said he was warned to leave the country immediately and the security officers even pleaded with him when he told them he was not going to leave the country. The President also said he believed former First Lady Grace Mugabe was no longer mentally sound as she went for broke in her smearing campaign whose ultimate goal was to have him fired from both the party and Government. President Mnangagwa revealed this in a wide ranging interview with the Financial Times in Harare recently.

“I suspect. I suspect as to who did it. They are still good friends of mine. I now suspect that they now know that I know,” he said, when asked whether he knows who poisoned him.

Asked what the poison was, the President said it was not food poisoning. He said all nine categories of food poisoning were negative.

“It was called a hard metal arsenic toxin. Arsenic toxin, something like that. That’s the class of poison. And it’s not easy to come with it. They say it’s colourless, it is tasteless and the areas where it could be found are possibly two. Three initially, professors in that area eliminated this one, and it was left with two countries. Russia and Israel. So it’s possible it came from Russia,” he said.

He said those who poisoned him were surprised that he survived because they expected him to die of cardiac arrest. He said doctors have, however, declared that he was now okay. President Mnangagwa said his calmness and collectedness after being castigated at rallies whose sole purpose was to attack and humiliate him annoyed Mrs Mugabe even more.

“After the First Lady (former) castigates me (at a rally), I’d shake her hand. I said thank you very much. She became even more annoyed. Then the next day there was a rally. I didn’t go to that one, but I listened. So I was being castigated there as a snake.

“And to deal with this snake you must crush the head. And this snake is Mnangagwa, we must crush the head, not beat the tail or the body. She went berserk on that one. At that stage now I believed she was not mentally OK. Then the next day I was fired at about four o’clock. I got a letter. In terms of section so and so, you are fired with immediate effect,” he said.

However, he said his Government was going to do everything to protect the legacy of former President Robert Mugabe saying he remains a father figure and a founding national icon.

The President also revealed his seasonal drinking habits saying he drinks during the first half of the year and doesn’t touch alcohol during the last half.

He said it was a vow that he made during the liberation struggle in 1978.

“I chose to drink six months and abstain totally . . . No wine, no beer, no whisky, for six months. I took my oath at that time. I have kept it up to today.

From 1978 to date, yes, I have kept it up, never broken. This is my wet season. From July 1 to December 31 is six months. That is my dry season. From January 1 to June 30 it’s my wet season,” he said.

It was during the same interview where he reaffirmed the need for the country to have free and fair elections saying he wasn’t going to turn down election observers from around the world because he had nothing to fear or hide.

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  • Danisa Tshawe

    Hehehehehehe hard metal arsenic poison my foot.
    Does he understand what he is talking about?

    • Tsungayi Chikakatire

      I think he meant heavy metal arsenic

  • masilo sithole

    Poison was fecthed by Mphoko in Russia for Grace to use on Mnangagwa. Just before poisoning Mphoko led a cover up bussiness delegation to Russia. Mugabe was behind it. Newspapers were alarmed about the purpose of the visit and where he was actually visiting considering the extraordinarily large group of people with no business interests. That military poison is called `chineese water“-that is why Mphoko was swearing before that he is a military man trained in Russia-ED will not succeed Mugabe. He panicked when ED said the poisoning of Shuvai Mahofa was similar to his. Have we not all noticed when Mugabe got angry and scared that Mnangagwa survived death in Gwanda. He was angry with Chiwenga who provided the helicopter and when he talked about how ED survived death he was very much afraid himself. Chiwenga`s wife was on Mnangagwa`s bed side in hospital. We would have expected Grace Mugabe to be with Mrs Mnangagwa in hospital. All Africans know how witches behave. Grace, Mphoko and Jonathan Moyo were angry and increased the onslaught. When someone is in hospital all Zimbabweans know that we go and see him and we talk nicely to someone who has just left hospital. ED and Chiwenga went to see sick Tsvangirai recently. Grace and Mugabe instead of seeing him from hospital they started the public humiliation excercise so that Mnangagwa would die of stress when he failed to die-now it was a direct killing-but by God`s grace the Lord led him out to safety. Another minister in South Africa sent a small aeroplane in the bush to take Mnangwa to a place of safety. It ell you Mugabe, Grace. Mphoko, Jonathan Moyo, Kasukuwere, Chombo-please get government money back from these sorcerers/wizards who are hiding money out of the country. We want our wealthy back from these criminals.

    • zibulo

      uyahlanya wena . who cares when devils bewitch/poison or kill each other. Dont you think if the whole lot (both factions of ZANU) if they would die then Zimbabwean would have celebrated. we still wish they would. bloody lot of killers, thieves !!!. what do you benefit wena from supporting ZANU yet the country is in Poverty???

  • zibulo

    How many Zimbabweans with opposing views from ZANU , were murdered/poisoned in this way by ZANU? How many did they , including Mnanagwa involved , did they poison and then hang afterwards? How many Zimbabweans with opposing views were poisoned, hanged , then buried in unknown graves by ZANU, whose graves are known only by the ZANU murderers themselves? How many zimbabweans , both innnocent and with opposing views, and even ZANU supporters, have left the country after being hunted , had homes razed , had relatives killed by so-called security personnel? How many Opposition party leaders were called by ZANU (including ED) SNAKES and should therefore be killed or never allowed to rule Zimbabwe??? All ZANU G-40 personnel on Mghabe’s side , are now refugees/ asylum seekers and non ran or looked to the East , they all looked to the South and West in their flight, so did ED. He went and joined our children who fled ZANU tyranny and claimed asylum too, joining his victims !!!!All the G-40 are in RSA holed up , using the stolen funds to live ntofontofo and flourishing new businesses they started with the funds. None will return the funds to Zimbabwe , non. ED got a taste of what ZANU dishes out to so-called enemies, and he will dish out the same to his opponents too, wait and see, once a thief/killer , always a…….