Impilo Yinkinga play attracts O-level students

by Sunday News Online | Sunday, Oct 8, 2017 | 1155 views
Characters in the play Impilo yinkinga on stage

Characters in the play Impilo yinkinga on stage

Bhekumuzi Ncube, Sunday Life Reporter
ORDINARY Level students thronged Bulawayo Theatre last week to watch Impilo Yinkinga play, as part of their preparations for end of year final examinations.

Impilo Yinkinga play is an adaption of Barbara Makhalisa’s novel, Impilo Yinkinga, which is a set book for O-level Ndebele candidates.

The play was adapted by Elton Sibanda, who has been extensively influential in supporting the growth of young artistes, particularly at Gifford High School. Renowned author, Raisedon Baya helped Sibanda by directing the play. Sibanda said the play intended to make students understand the novel better.

“The play aimed at educating this year’s Ndebele candidates by dramatising their set novel which will aid their understanding of the novel. The key point was to make sure that the message Makhalisa intended to portray about the society we are living in was well conceived by students,” he said.

He said the play was tremendously performed by school students across the City of Kings.

“O-level students from different schools participated in the play. We made sure that we reach different schools so that the project could help every student in Bulawayo. There were also university students who supported the play to be exhilarating,” he said.

Sibanda also said the play developed acting abilities of young artistes.

“Students who are interested in taking arts as a profession need to be well groomed, and be involved in many acting projects which will increase their confidence on stage,” he said.

Sibanda said there were no CDs for the play.

“The play was only a theatre production; those who failed to attend Bulawayo theatre missed a glorious chance to understand the novel better. Making CDs of the play will not benefit us as the country is rocked by illegal selling of burned disks,” he said.


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