Ksmash releases Tonga single

by Sunday News Online | Sunday, Sep 10, 2017 | 607 views
Khulekani Ksmash Mwembe

Khulekani Ksmash Mwembe

Bhekumuzi Ncube, Sunday Life Reporter
RAPPER Khulekani Ksmash Mwembe has released a Tonga single titled Deal as a warm up to his debut album E4 Grind-One album to be launched at the end of September.

The track Deal motivates youths to be perseverant. Ksmash said he used Tonga and English lyrics to promote the growth of minority languages in Zimbabwe.

“Zimbabwe has 16 official languages but only English, Ndebele and Shona are very much recognised in political, social and economic institutions. The likes of Tonga, Xhosa, and Sotho are only used in family institutions. Therefore, I want to use my talent as a tool of expressing the importance of the so-called minority languages in Zimbabwe,” he said.

Ksmash urged other musicians to use their artistic talents to support and spread culture by producing content that will preserve indigenous culture.

“The global village has very much affected the content of our music, the majority of local artistes now produce music in English. Many artistes thought releasing songs with English lyrics was the only way they can be renowned artistes in Africa but failed to realise they were destroying the precious culture our ancestors left us,” he said.

The Zanele hit-maker said he was braced to take Africa by storm and was already shooting the Deal video.

“I have e-mailed the track to Botswana and Zambia radio stations which will enable fans from those two countries to enjoy the track, fans can look forward to the Deal video at the end of September,” he said.

Ksmash dedicated the track to Tonga people and his followers who have supported him from day one.

The Lobengula-based artiste has a recording studio called Muzezo KMP Records founded in 2010. People can follow Ksmash on Facebook as Ksmashbeats and follow him on YouTube Channel KSMASHZIM.
— @NcubeBhekumuzi

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