Man murdered during dispute over spanners

by Sunday News Online | Tuesday, Sep 29, 2015 | 1093 views


Tatenda Gapare, Sunday News Reporter
A PLUMTREE man recently appeared in court charged with murder after he fatally attacked his friend in a dispute over spanners.

Mehluli Moyo (21) was charged with the murder of Nhlanhla Moyo when he appeared before magistrate Mr TinasheTashaya.
Prosecutor, Mr Nkathazo Dlodlo said on 7 September at around 4am, Moyo was coming from a beer drink with a friend, only identified as Moses, and the now deceased in Bulawayo when a dispute over spanners arose.

“Moses quarrelled with Nhlanhla over the issue of spanners he had given him for safe keeping but he failed to do this and instead he sold the spanners and converted the money to his own personal use. Moses got angry to the extent that he assaulted Nhlanhla with fists all over the body,” said Mr Dlodlo.

It is alleged that upon seeing the situation getting out of control, Mehluli tried to intervene but he was instead drawn into the fight by Nhlanhla who insulted him.

“Mehluli tried to intervene in order to stop the two from fighting but unfortunately Nhlanhla insulted him using offensive language against his mother thus leading him to also assault the victim.

“He assaulted him with fists and later picked up a brick which he used to strike Nhlanhla on the head twice before running away when he saw that he was dead,” said Mr Dlodlo.

Mr Dlodlo told the court that on the same day at around 9.30am Nhlanhla’s body was found lying face down in a sanitary lane between Fife Street and George Silundika.

In court, Mehluli admitted to committing murder and running away from the scene after noticing that Nhlanhla had fallen down.

“I agree that I struck Nhlanhla with a brick twice on the head but I did not do so on purpose. He insulted me so I was angry to the extent that I assaulted him to also feel the pain I felt and I ran away from the scene,” he said.

He was remanded out of custody to 29 September.

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