Matobo RDC praises Command Agriculture programme

by Sunday News Online | Sunday, Apr 2, 2017 | 756 views

Sandra Tekere, Sunday News Reporter
MATOBO rural district administrator has lauded the Government’s Command Agriculture saying it was the missing link in intensive agriculture productivity that ensures food security at household and national level.

Officiating at the National Field Day workshop on Wednesday at Arda Antelope in Maphisa, Matobo District Administrator Mr Robert Mzezwa said it was through Government’s Command Agriculture programme that the country was talking of halting maize imports.

He also applauded the Government for its spirited efforts in ensuring that people received drought relief maize and that no one dies of starvation in areas that were hit by last year’s El Nino-induced drought.

“Matobo district has predominantly hostile climate conditions and restricted commercial activities which makes it exceedingly susceptible to adverse natural disasters like drought but the Government has been determined to ensure that no one would starve despite the drought.

“And now with Command Agriculture that was launched by President Mugabe to substitute food imports, our communities are now food secure,” he said.

Mr Mzezwa said a lot of food resources were brought into the district as drought relief which saved both human and animal lives.

He said due to the heavy rains that have pounded the country, Matobo district now had water that could sustain it for quite some time.

He urged the farmers to utilise water bodies wisely so as to ensure continued food security through irrigation.

“Food handouts are not the only solution to preventing drought, but if villagers and farmers in the district can come together and devise strategies to preserve water, they can be able to ensure food security at family and district level.

“The district also encourages communities to work together and ensure provision of infrastructure for irrigation so as to avert drought in future”.

Mr Mzezwa lauded the introduction of command agriculture which he said should continue in the next farming season as it had proved to be the missing link in agricultural productivity.

The programme, he said, boosted agricultural productivity and was a huge success due to the prompt delivery of inputs such as seeds and fertiliser that were aided by the above average rainfall that the country received.

It was at the same event that communities in Matobo were taught about the importance of technology in intensive crop production.

Famers and villagers who were present were also taught of the importance of mixed farming crop and livestock production.


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