Minister Gumbo whips MP into line

by Sunday News Online | Sunday, Jan 8, 2017 | 915 views
Joram Gumbo

Joram Gumbo

Michael Magoronga, Sunday News Correspondent
TRANSPORT and Infrastructural Development Minister Jorum Gumbo has reprimanded Kwekwe Central legislator Cde Masango Matambanadzo and challenged him not to exceed the bounds of his political authority by doing things that set him on a collision course with city fathers.

Minister Gumbo who is also the Zanu-PF Midlands interim chairperson and the party’s chief whip was speaking during the official opening of the Kwekwe Long Distance Bus Terminus which Cde Matambanadzo had unofficially opened.

Opening the facility a fortnight ago, Cde Matambanadzo did not mince his words in castigating Mayor Matenda Madzoke for continuously postponing the commissioning of the facility for use.

Cde Matambanadzo irked Clr Madzoke when he undressed him during the opening labelling him “stupid and retrogressive” before being aided by some youths to force open the terminus for use by long distance buses and vendors.

The controversial stunt came hard on the heels of yet another shocker where he gave vendors the green light to set up stalls in any part of the city in contempt of council’s by-laws and making it difficult for city officials to control the vendors, let alone collect revenue.

Clr Madzoke was on record saying he was avoiding clashing with the legislator, choosing instead to “let the top officials solve the matter.”

During his speech Cde Gumbo said he was saddened by Cde Matambanadzo’s actions and urged the two leaders to respect each other and avoid clashes that might cost the general public.

“I hear there are some who came and unceremoniously opened this rank without the consent of council, that is unheard of.

How can one unofficially open something that you did not construct, and who gave you those powers?” the minister quizzed rhetorically.

“Leaders should respect each other’s authority, even when you think you are bigger than those people, you should just respect those people for the good of our country,” said the Minister.

Cde Gumbo said everything should go procedurally to avoid chaos.

“Kusekerera benzi kuti rizvisungirire (If you entertain a fool doing his tricks, he will hang himself),” said the minister challenging Cde Matambanadzo to make peace with the city fathers.

Cde Gumbo applauded the local authority for constructing a state-of-the art terminus which replaces the old and dilapidated Amaveni Terminus which was commissioned by Dr Joshua Nkomo in 1980.

In his speech Clr Madzoke said the state -of-the art terminus was commissioned after the completion of the first phase which saw the construction of 35 kiosks and 20 sheds within the facility.

The mayor said funds were being mobilised to kick start the second phase which will see construction of an information centre, cloak room, electronic boom gate among other things.


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