More exposure for Byo artistes

by Sunday News Online | Sunday, Aug 6, 2017 | 1378 views

Pub Lagondola

Rumbidzai Mbewe, Sunday Life Correspondent
THIS year is a huge turn around for the Bulawayo entertainment circles as artistes are being given different platforms to showcase their talents as well as make themselves visible to the Bulawayo community.

For a long time artistes in Bulawayo have complained of being marginalised and not given the respect they deserve hence some people in the city have taken upon themselves to appreciate these artistes and give them the platform to showcase and master their talent.

Pub Lagondola has introduced local music sessions for local artistes. These sessions will be done every Friday so as to market and make local music known to the public of Bulawayo.

In an interview with Sunday Life, Pub Logondola manager, Dalubuhle Sibanda said the sessions are aimed at promoting the entertainment industry by pushing local music. He said the initiative will be a long term project and expressed hope that the artistes will use the platform to their advantage.

“This is the birth of greater things to happen in Bulawayo for the entertainment industry. We no longer want our artistes to feel left out because we are now giving them the opportunity to show the people of Bulawayo what they are made of and what they can give,” he said.

Sibanda said although the response was not that good at first, the situation later changed as artistes started coming in to register for the sessions and some bringing in their music. He urged artistes to come through and register.

“I was a bit disappointed in the response by Bulawayo artistes but as the week progressed the pattern changed, more artistes came in. I hope that as it progresses we will have more talents registering and we turn up the place,” he said.

Sibanda said some countries are already promoting local content in various ways and their artistes are making it big in the African continent. He said their aim was not make Bulawayo artistes known in the country but in the African continent.

“South Africa is doing it and their artistes are shining. We are aiming at having 100 percent local play by the time we get to December. Come December we want to be dancing to music done by our fellow countrymen and women,” he said.

The local music Fridays will see the resident DJs at the Pub’s Cigar lounge strictly playing local music, the sessions will also feature karaoke and live performances.

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