Munyamana ready for Mr Byo title defence

by Sunday News Online | Sunday, Aug 6, 2017 | 411 views
Lovemore Munyamana

Lovemore Munyamana

Samantha Dube
LOVEMORE Munyamana is ready to defend his title in the Mr Bulawayo body building contest to be held at Elite 400 on 26 August.

His first competition was in 2011 where he participated in the Mr Matabeleland contest and came third. In 2013 he won the Mr Bulawayo title and his greatest achievement was to come in 2014 when he won the national title, Mr Zimbabwe lightweight title.

“I am very confident that I will win this competition. I don’t see any reason for me to panic since the competition will be here in Bulawayo, unlike last year in May where there was the world competition Arnold Classic in South Africa. I admit during that time I was nervous and panicking, considering the fact that we were from different countries,” he said.

Munyamana is taking care of his body, going to the gym from 6am to 10am every day at Body Works Gym.

He is also on a strict diet. He eats 12 eggs — five raw and seven boiled without york everyday and after every two hours he eats fruits. For breakfast he eats whole wheat or brown bread with peanut butter. He avoids fatty foods as a way to harden his body. He consumes low fat chicken and avoids red meat. Three weeks before the competition he takes four litres of water a day regardless of how thirsty he is. A week before he goes on stage, his diet changes with a reduction of water intake to one litre a day to harden his muscles.

“Training makes you to be disciplined. Wherever you are and whatever you do, you do not know who is watching you.Doing body-building has made me a healthy man, I can’t remember the last time l was sick. I am honoured and feel great because the world recognises me because of this field. You can enjoy the goodness of a body but a lot of training is required. There are challenges that I come across in this field, like in May this year there was a world competition but Il did not go because of lack of sponsors,” he said.

Besides being a body builder, he owns an electrical appliance shop in Mpopoma where he resides. In the shop he sells and repairs electrical gadgets.

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