O-level Maths paper leaks hours before exams?

by Sunday News Online | Sunday, Oct 29, 2017 | 5313 views


Leonard Ncube, Victoria Falls Reporter
THE 2017 Ordinary level Mathematics paper which was written last week allegedly leaked a few hours before it was sat for at Kamativi Secondary School in Matabeleland North, it has been learnt.

Zimsec spokesperson Ms Nicky Dlamini said the examination body has instituted an investigation to find out if the paper was original following reports that it was circulated on WhatsApp platform by a private candidate a few hours before the examination started.

“A boy has been apprehended and he is helping police with investigations on the alleged leakage of the paper. Investigations are ongoing to find out if the paper was really ours and for now nothing can be done until we have that evidence,” she said.

A source close to the investigations told Sunday News that a church leader from Harare, and a soldier stationed in Masvingo (names withheld) were arrested alongside a private candidate Crispen Munkombwe on allegations of leaking the paper.

The police could not confirm the arrests at the time of going to print. According to the source, Munkombwe, originally from Chief Saba area in Binga but staying at Mtshibi Camp in Hwange National Park, sat for the paper at Kamativi Secondary at around 8am.

He allegedly received a handwritten exam paper via WhatsApp.

The questions on the handwritten paper later turned out to be the same as those that were in the original paper.

“Munkombwe, who was not yet known to anyone in Kamativi arrived at the school at 4.30am and approached a private teacher whom he told that he was looking for someone who could help him answer some Mathematics questions.

The teacher could not help him and he proceeded to other private candidates who were supplementing like him,” said a source at the school.

Sunday News was told that Munkombwe allegedly shared the questions with other private candidates in the morning.

However, recently Zimsec dismissed rumours that an original Maths paper had been leaked after some pupils brought to school an exam paper they said was a Mathematics 2017.

The dummy was being sold for $300. Zimsec director, Mr Esau Nhandara, recently said they had instituted tight security measures to curb examination paper leaks.

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  • The Observer

    Leakages of examination papers is now the trend and culture at ZIMSEC which also defines the unworthiness of the Zimbabwean educational standards. Without credibility, validity and reliability, presumably the standards and quality of the educational systems are compromised and rendered ineffective and inefficient. The generality is that the society loses confidence in the certificates produced by the ‘bogus’ ZIMSEC. This bad behaviour has been an on-going exercise ever since the inception of this clumsy examination body. This is grotesquely a deliberate ploy to enhance poorly prepared and rich candidates to acquire excellent performances over genuinely higher academic performers. The issue of corruption, which is a psychological syndrome defines the Zimbabwean culture in every social unit, organisation, institution ….it is now cancerous and is part of our lives. Citizens of Zimbabwe, lets go back to the Cambridge, as ‘prodigal sons’ on the premise that ZIMSEC personnel has failed the nation!

    • Dunderhead

      If we are going to use the same personnel I do not see how Cambridge is going to avoid leakages in Zim, otherwise going back to Cambridge for the sake of prestige is vanity. It is not like many years ago when an O level certificate could earn you a job.

      • Cossam Zulu

        It will be unfortunate if Zimsec will seek to deny this leakage because the people on the ground have confirmed that the paper was the Zimsec o-level paper which had been hand-written not following the sequence but police were able to match the questions on the Zimsec question paper and those on the hand-written one, and there was a perfect match. Denial will simply mean that Zimsec will be trying to protect its image at the expense of truth, and in the process, promoting cheating