Pastor Dumisani on being an artist

by Sunday News Online | Sunday, Feb 12, 2017 | 825 views

Pastor Dumi and Paintings (4)

Nhlalwenhle Ngwenya, Sunday Life Correspondent
IF not preaching the word of God, local pastor, Dumisani Moyo (29) turns to painting.

Moyo says at the age of 22, he got two visions from the Lord. One was for him to be a preacher and the other to express his inner most self through art.

“I began doing the two trades at the same time and I am balancing the two,” he said.

Moyo specialises on portraits, animals and landscape paintings. Focusing on oil paint Moyo draws his inspiration from his surroundings. His motto is — pray art, speak art and dream art.

An outstanding masterpiece of his work is of an almost life-like portrait of a smiling woman, it is so captivating that it draws one to take second glance.

Painting from his home in Nkulumane 12 in Bulawayo, whenever Moyo gets time, he also makes sure that he tenders his flock at House of Glory in New Lobengula every Sunday.

Despite the seemingly challenging task of juggling the two “careers” or “callings” as Pastor Moyo would have it, he surprisingly manages to make time for both.

“I try to take all my callings seriously and balance my time. But there are times when there are many funerals to the extent that I go for weeks without producing any artwork. Nevertheless, when I get time to paint I compensate for all the lost time,” he said.

Unlike most pastors who seem to be picking riches from their flock, Moyo who is still single said he gets his money from his art works.

“As for me, being a pastor is something that I do out of passion, not for money. All my finances come from my art work,” he said.


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