Separatists try to hijack Mzilikazi commemoration. . . as blows are nearly exchanged

by Thobekisiwe Gumede | Sunday, Sep 14, 2014 | 13071 views
Members of Mzilikazi Cultural Association from Gauteng Province, South Africa arrive at Mhlahlandlela Memorial site for the commemoration of King Mzilikazi Day yesterday

Members of Mzilikazi Cultural Association from Gauteng Province, South Africa arrive at Mhlahlandlela Memorial site for the commemoration of King Mzilikazi Day yesterday

A GROUP of Zimbabwean separatists, who are based in South Africa, yesterday tried to hijack the commemoration of King Mzilikazi’s death at Mhlahlandlela, 22km south of Bulawayo, Sunday News can reveal.
A brief scuffle occurred when a member of Mthwakazi Republic, a group claiming sovereignty to a traditional state, pushed the master of ceremonies, Enoch Zitha, for trying to stop him from introducing Albert Zwelibanzi Gumede, the leader of the group.

Gumede, a Zimbabwean businessman based in South Africa, was “installed” as Mthwakazi paramount chief at Yeoville Recreation Centre in Johannesburg on 22 March.

Traditionalists later described his installation as “chief” of “Umthwakazi Republic” as a non-event.
The commemorations to mark the 146th anniversary of the death of the founder of the Ndebele nation were also attended by Chief Vezi Maduna, who was the guest of honour; Chief Nyangazonke Ndiweni and delegates from South Africa.

Ironically, Gumede had not been introduced from morning when the ceremony began, but an attempt was made to introduce him at the end of the ceremony in the afternoon, without the blessing of the MC, the two local chiefs and Mthwakazi KaMzilikazi Cultural Association, the organisers of the event.

According to Nguni culture and customs, no one is allowed to speak after the guest of honour has spoken.
“We respect that Gumede graced the event to support us but when he comes here to Zimbabwe he is not a chief. He is supposed to respect the proceedings.

“It was unethical for them (Mthwakazi republic grouping) to announce their own presence instead of following protocol. No one is allowed to talk after the chiefs have spoken,” Chief Ndiweni said.

After Zitha was pushed by Gumede’s “subject”, he was restrained by traditionalists at the high table who let Gumede speak so as to avoid an embarrassing exchange of blows.

Addressing the gathering, Gumede said he attended the event as he was in support of efforts to revive the Ndebele monarch.

The commemorations were attended by hundreds of guests who were taken aback by Gumede’s actions.
Guests, who spoke to Sunday News, said it was wrong for separatists to involve everyone from the Matabeleland region in their treasonous anti-Zimbabwe agenda.

Speaking during his address, Chief Maduna said the commemoration was not exclusive to the royal Khumalo clan but every Zimbabwean because King Mzilikazi was a unifier.

“We should take note that this event is not for Khumalos alone because when King Mzilikazi came here he did not bring the Khumalos alone. He brought people from different groupings together,” Chief Maduna said.

The gathering was entertained by artistes who included Jeys Marabini and Black Umfolosi.
A lot of meat and traditional beer was available.

The commemorations have over the years been attended by King Zwelonke Sigcawu, the 28th king in the Xhosa dynasty and Princess Patricia Zulu, the sister of Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini, both from South Africa.

King Mzilikazi was born the son of Matshobana near Mkuze, Zululand in 1790 in South Africa.
In 1823 he crossed the Limpopo River during the Umfecane after having a fall-out with Zulu King Tshaka and finally settled in Matabeleland in the 1830s, establishing his capital at Mhlahlandlela. King Mzilikazi died on 5 September 1868 and was buried in a cave at the Matopo Hills.

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  • Vusumuzi Bvunzawabaya

    Mzilikazi a nation builder would be appaled at the behaviour of the “seperatists”. The truth is that the nation and region have consistently rejected any political parties supporting “secession or tribalism”. The region has ,with equal measure rejected a certain party that has continued to marginalise the region.

    • vusumuzi

      My name’s sake , are you aware that when the Settkers came modern day Zimbabwe . there were tow States , Mzilikazi’s Mthwakazi and Munhumutapa to the north. The Settlers made it one country for their benefit , but they brought together two gropus of people who were always at war with each other. These war sentiments have gone on till today in this country , mainly because , after Independence , we still have tribal insinuations from both groups. Maybe there should have been a referendum in each Former State that was there before Settlers came , to ask the People if they wanted to be together . After all , this is supposed to a Government of the people by the people , not some people. Those who have benefited from the Status Quo say some people are separatists. Those who are victims want separatism. It should be mutually benefitial relationship , not one way as is now. You are wrong Bvunza in saying they are separatists . Prove me wrong

      • Galuza.

        Self-serving cowards calling themselves traditional leaders in Matabeleland feel threatened by the rise of of people like Gumede, they have done nothing for Matebeland ,all they have done is take money and bribes from politicians who have eroded their influence, they should be stripped-down of their positions and replaced with people with brains, we are tired of political party operatives while our people struggle with no leadership.

  • dube92

    liyanya leli swina ayikho into enjalo eyenzakalayo,we living in a new world order where info travels faster akbuzwe yena uZitha ukuthi imike wayathathelwa ngubani ,lawe Vusumuzi buwunzawamabayoa akula appalled lutho lana ufuna siqhubeke siyizikhothamdidi zakini ,likhohlwe bafana,amanga angaka alilanhloni????

  • George Sibanda

    The statement by MMCA is full of cowardice. We are not separatists, we do not even know the group they call Mthwakazi republic. We are a cultural grouping persuing our cultural and traditional customs. Yes we are proud to be Ndebeles and wish the responsible people willcrown our King. We are a natiuon without a King for more than 120 years. Thank you to cowards like MMCA for fourteen years they have been commemorating King Mziligazi Day but have not realised we have no current king. We came in this tear to voice our concerns in our customery procedure. We requested involvement from the time we attended a similar event in Ngome South Africa. We also sort assistance from King Zwelithini of the Zulu Kingdom. We were advised we need a representative who will take care and communicate our needs to The Kings in South Africa. In accordance with the Laws of South Africa and due to our needs as foreigners in that country we chose our chief and he was Crowned by the Ntungwas based in South Africa. It is a lie that Gumede is a leader of the so called Mthwakazi Republic. As far as we are concerned he is our chief in South Africa only. Mr Gumede also explained this fact when he addressed the crowd at Mhlahlandlela. We have been part of the preparations to the extent of hiring of the Public Address System which made communication easier on the day. Why are they now turning around and disassociating with us. They are cowards or they are beneficiaries of the on going chaos. There are some members of the MMCA who had promised to give us the platform but one feels there is poor communication amongst themselves. It shows that some of them were not aware that we were part of the preparations and that we were going to get a platform to air our views on the Issue of the of Mthwakazi King. 120 years of waiting is over, We are making sure Inkosi yakoMthwakazi iyabekwa unyakozayo. We are not going to seat and allow MMCA and the Zithas ruin our wishes. This is for the Mthwakazi nation not a few individuals. We also take the opportunity to tank all those who attended and together echoed with us the need for our KING. We also thank all the donnors especially JR Godard you are more than MMCA on your own. The threat that there will be security measures to bar us from attending next year’s event are a non starter. We are attending in the crowning of our King no one can stop us. We are prepared to die for that cause. Kutsho mina U Sibanda u Dawuduna, u Vodloza uMhlathi kawehlulwa thambo isilwane esaswela mabala sayabika enkosini.

  • vusumuzi

    Madoda it is a good thing . What is needed is involvement of every Chief who is on the throne because of links with Mthwakazi . Those Chiefs who want to sit on the fence should know that they do not serve the purpose of the people who are descendants of Mthwakazi. They were not given those posts by Politicians , but by the Founder of Mthwakazi. Those outside Mthwakazi and those living there now but descended from out of there should not comment at this moment as we have genuine concerns , like scrambling for Land in my Mthwakazi but given to some who have their Rural homes out there. This Land Issue was a right thing btu was done in a very very bad way. Baba u Mpofu Obert is now “King of Matabeleland” through such a policy. As long as this Government keeps on commemorating the Fong Kong Unity of 1987 , where Politicians , and not the People , decided on so-called “uniting”, we will exhaust consitutionally all means of pushing for this. There will be threats , deaths , public political and reckless statements from Politicians who put themselves at the front but claiming they are acting for Zimbabweans whom they never consult ,. but we in Former Mthwakazi State got a very very Raw Deal after independence. Look even the Political Leaders of the Region are not popular here , but are appointed by their Harare masters. I will never bow to a Politician except my Traditional Leader, who works for me A Politician , afetr losing an election , is gone but my Chief, Sobuku lo Mlisa are always there. They do not have CIOs who kidnapp and kill , they do not have Corrupt police like the State’s ,

  • Regazvipore

    if people don’t want to be part of you let them go. artificial unity is not helping anyone .these ndebeles may have no power ,but they still have to be happy and self defining and besides why do they have no Zululand there are kings and no one has seen them being a threat to that nation or the political systems there. deny them economic and political rights but cultural rights noooooooooooo. lets be human