Shingisai Suluma gives new hope for Zim

by Sunday News Online | Sunday, Dec 3, 2017 | 663 views
Shingisai Suluma

Shingisai Suluma

Kudzai Mpangi, Sunday Life Reporter  
United States-based gospel musician, Shingisai Suluma, popularly known as Mai Suluma has released a song coupled with a video in support of the Zimbabwean recent developments.

The song Pano Patasvika was recorded back in 2015 but was released last month.

“Pano Patasvika is a song we wrote in 2015 and we presented the song in Victoria Falls in a live gala in February 2015. We just recorded the song and never got to release the song as we knew that it may come a time that it will be appropriate for it to be released,” Suluma said.

The song is a message of hope for fellow Zimbabweans, an encouragement that they should not lose hope now that the country is at its best.

“The message in the song is meant to encourage each Zimbabwean to play a part in moving our nation forward. A statement in the lyrics says ‘rwendo rurefu’ emphasising that we do not expect change overnight. We know the journey is a long one, and we want everyone to keep walking,” she said.

Suluma said that being abroad did not detach her from current affairs at home.

“We are one people and one big family: our success as a nation gives all of us pride, hence the encouragement for everybody to keep walking and keep working,” Suluma said.

The song which is coupled with a video of the recent development in Zimbabwe has been receiving likes, shares and comments on Suluma’s Facebook page. Pano Patasvika has come out to be the video of the week on the national television Sunday Edition news.

“Facebook has provided a platform to keep in touch with those who have supported our music over the years. I am honoured to have an amazing fan base that likes, shares, and comments on the platform making the music reach thousands in literal minutes. It also made it as the video of the week last Sunday on the national television. That’s a blessing indeed,” she said.

Suluma described the song as a song of hope that will restore our belief in Zimbabwe and that God will be the one to intervene in our situation.

“I am looking forward to a change in the economy of Zimbabwe that will enable music to be profitable so that musicians can also have a means of living,” she said.

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