Tanneries urged to embark on learning visits

by Sunday News Online | Sunday, Sep 10, 2017 | 765 views


Limpret Moyo, Business Reporter
PUM leather expert, Mr Ahmed Nasser says local companies should invest in benchmarking activities such as learning visits so as to enable them to understand modern manufacturing practices.

Mr Nasser who was recently working with tanneries in Bulawayo on a ZimTrade invitation noted that most companies in the developed world consider these visits a critical part of their research and development activities.

Visits can be to international trade fairs, industrial visits to a specific company or to a country that is excelling in the particular area of interest.

Mr Naseer said: “In as much as concerns have been raised regarding the quality of hides being delivered to tanneries, the key issues affecting the quality of finished leather rests largely on the chemicals being used and the technical know-how.”

He emphasised the need for tanneries to embark on learning visits so as to study best practice in order to improve the quality and competitiveness of their products.

Most tanneries in Zimbabwe, due to the various economic challenges, have found themselves lagging behind in manufacturing technologies.

Enterprises the world-over are looking at ways to manufacture products cheaper, faster and with better quality.

Understanding how a company can achieve this has become critical for any enterprise in order to survive in the highly competitive global market.

“Zimbabwe is no exception, manufacturers are seeking ways in which they can improve the competitiveness of their products. They are making efforts to acquire world class technology, adopting new organisational approaches as well as new manufacturing and business processes. ZimTrade may assist in facilitating learning visits through provision of information and business linkages with relevant stakeholders,” said ZimTrade.

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