The Mafia releases YiAnthem single

by Sunday News Online | Sunday, Aug 6, 2017 | 953 views

6 August The Mafia group (2)1

Bhekumuzi Ncube
THE growth of hip-hop music in Bulawayo has stimulated youthful Pumula-based group, The Mafia to release a scotching single titled YiAnthem in preparation for their debut album, which they hope to launch in August.

The track talks about the everyday struggles faced by ordinary Zimbabweans.

The Mafia was formed last year in February and consists of five childhood friends namely Mandisi “Man Dyc” Mabhena, Ronald “Stone” Sithole, Marcus “Kaygee” Nkala, Leslie “KingLucci” Mzuba and Nkosilothando “Kid Ralph” Sibanda.

Since the group came together they have released a number of singles such as Blue Skiez in Skyz and Choices.

They have managed to perform at concerts such as the We Honour our Legends Gala held in the city this year, Bulawayo Music Carnival held at Hartsfield and the Jam Sessions.

Their debut album Inception will tackle real life experiences, which they say have encountered as a group.

One of the crew members Nkosilothando said the major problem for upcoming artistes is publicity and the only way to have it is for Zimbabwean radio stations to play their music.

“I have noticed that only hit songs of well-known musicians are played more than five times per day, while songs of upcoming musicians are only played once per week on local radio stations. It will very much benefit us if our music is very much played on local radios,” said Nkosilothando.

He added that they wished to have event promoters to create more local shows for them that will create an opportunity to gain publicity and also benefit financially from their artistic work.

The Mafia manager, Tawanda Dube, said the group was working hard to attain the best hip-hop title in Zimbabwe.

“The Mafia group is very energetic, self-motivated and an inspiration to the youths and the community as a whole, to be the manager of such an ambitious group is something I have always dreamt of, the boys respect each other and they are able to separate work from pleasure,” he said.

Fans can follow them on their Facebook page The Mafia and on Twitter The Mafia_Byo.

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