We Salute You For the Independence

by Sunday News Online | Sunday, Apr 16, 2017 | 450 views

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We thank you every day the Almighty,

We thank you for blessing your Comrades,

We thank you for the fauna and flora,

We thank you for the plateau between the Zambezi and Limpopo.

The land that has invited cunning forces,

Coming all the way from beyond,

We thank you for all the riches, culture and personality.

All enshrined in the womb of our ancestors,

We thank you for giving us time to honour our heroes,

Our own sons and daughters of Zimbabwe,
Their sacrifices remained a Midas touch.

Great salutation gallant fighters,

You fought for your land,

Your fight was for our well-being,

Your choice was above special,

You left us with endless tears,

But your blood wiped them dry,

Today liberation is a song, a song for many.

With neo-colonialism a satanic hymn,

Sons and daughters of Zimbabwe.

That land is in the hands of black majority,

It should be given financial and technical support,

To fulfil the desire of your spirits;

The spirits of Nehanda Nyakasikana and Sekuru Kaguvi

We need total empowerment,

Land, land, land is our national heritage.

Sanctions imposed by Western countries,

Had boomeranged in causing the region and many  black Zimbabweans.

To open their eyes, to this unwarranted pressure.

Our land means our sovereignty,

Our resources means our integrity,

A great honour to our heroes,

Rest in peace, Lala Ngokuthula.

Sons and daughters of Zimbabwe.

Long live Zimbabwe,

Long live our Independence,

We salute you, thank you!!!

Zikhomo Kwambili, asante sana.

We salute you for the INDEPENDENCE.

(Poem by Edmore Kudakwashe Chaipa )

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