‘We’ve hired the best person for the job’

by Sunday News Online | Sunday, Apr 16, 2017 | 733 views
Tavengwa Mukuhlani

Tavengwa Mukuhlani

Mehluli Sibanda, Senior Sports Reporter
ZIMBABWE Cricket chairman Tavengwa Mukuhlani believes that they have gone for the best man for the job in hiring Faisal Hasnain as the new chief executive officer for the national association.

Hasnain, a former International Cricket Council chief financial officer will take over as the ZC’s most senior member of staff from Wilfred Mukondiwa who is retiring after reaching the age of 65.

“We have hired the best person for the job given where Zimbabwe cricket is and where it wants to go, he was the most qualified with the necessary experience, the issue of local or foreigner is neither here nor there, it’s just looking for the best man for the job in the circumstances. He knows cricket very well, he has dealt with all the 10 Full Members, he has been handling Zimbabwean issues and he is not new to the situation in Zimbabwe,’’ said Mukuhlani.

Hasnain has been working closely with the ZC secretariat over the years on how best to sort out the local cricket governing body’s finances, something which makes him aware of what he is getting into. Mukuhlani pointed out that they could not afford to try out someone who is not familiar with the ICC looking at the number of threats facing Zimbabwe at the moment.

“He has been working on the challenges that Zimbabwe cricket is facing, he is fully aware of the situation.

“He is the head of the secretariat, he has to continue with the restructuring process. Mukondiwa has retired, you need someone who is fully appraised of these issues, you cannot bring someone who has never been to ICC meetings. We are facing the biggest challenge, our Full Membership and Test status are under threat and financial situation, no time for apprentices, there is no room for that, we cannot afford it,’’ Mukuhlani said.

On how long Hasnain is being hired for, Mukuhlani said the ZC board was still working on his contract with the likelihood that he will be engaged for three years. Hasnain, who joined ICC in February 2002 as the CFO resigned from his post in December last year and starts working for ZC on 1 May.


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