When the student becomes the master

by Sunday News Online | Sunday, Aug 6, 2017 | 661 views


Peter Matika, Senior Life Reporter
DESPITE many a hit driven effort, very few artistes can say they enjoyed a run as part of a group.

Being in the unique position of seeing all its acts to reaching household name status, many artistes now find themselves monopolising their different genres and outperforming their predecessors.

Alas, the latest chapter to this success story has seen fans read between the lines to find that the once a girl that dwelt in the shadows has crept out of her shell.

Having finally escaped from living under her predecessor Sandra Ndebele’s shadow, Samantha Mazibisa has finally come out to claim the throne of Bulawayo’s only Gqom music queen.

Warmly known as Samza, her claim to fame is the titillating single Indoda yomnikazi, which in time will definitely be a club banger.

Borrowing her style from South Africa’s Babe’s Wodumo, Samza is soon to release two more tracks, namely Ngwenya and Simudza Ass.

“I am inspired by the likes of South African actor Thembi Seete,” she said.

Samza said her music mostly spoke about real life situations, paying particular reference to her track Indoda yomnikazi, where she talks about how a young girl gets involved with a married man.

“You may find it unusual but I want to take it out there. I want people to understand what’s going on in the world. My music genre is mostly Gqom and House,” she said.

Still working on her debut album Samza said she would push her name through the constant release of singles.

“I am working on an album but for now I want to get my name out there through releasing singles. I am also working on getting live performances and collaborations with established artistes,” she said.

Samza said she has hopes of winning people’s hearts with her music.

“Sometimes you just have to work hard to be at the top. This started off as a dream and it has become a reality. I want to change the game around, my name will forever remain like an irremovable stain,” she said.

Samza was part of Iyasa before having a stint as part of Ndebele’s dancers.

“They made me the artiste I am today and I will forever be grateful but it’s time for me to spread my wings and fly,” she said.

Samza said the track, which is rocking the airwaves was produced at Velocity Records in Bulawayo by music producer Percy.


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