Women hold aces in 2018 polls

by Sunday News Online | Sunday, Jul 8, 2018 | 1866 views


Tinomuda Chakanyuka, Senior Reporter
LUVEVE Constituency has the highest number of registered voters in Bulawayo Metropolitan Province, with statistics from the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission showing that there are more female registered voters compared to males in the province.

Magwegwe Constituency recorded the lowest number of potential voters in the forthcoming 30 July harmonised elections.
Statistics from Zec show that as at 27 June this year a total of 258 629 are registered voters in the province with 138 275 being female and 120 354 male.

A total 204 candidates from various political parties are running for the 12 seats in the city. Luveve Constituency has 34 889 registered voters, 19 552 of which are female and 15 337 being male, to rank the highest in the province. The constituency has a total of 18 candidates vying for the seat.

Nketa ranks second with 28 664 registered voters 15 279 of which are female and 13 385 male. A total of 17 National Assembly candidates are eyeing the Nketa Constituency seat. Pumula has 25 115 registered voters, 14 140 female and 10 975 male to rank third with 21 candidates eyeing the constituency’s National Assembly seat.

In Bulawayo Central, 23 152 people are registered to vote, 11 744 of which are women and 11 408 being men, for the constituency to rank fourth.  On fifth place is Nkulumane where 21 874 people are registered to vote, 12 033 of them being women and 9 841 men.

A total 15 of National Assembly candidates will lock horns for the sole ticket to represent the constituency in the Lower House of Parliament. Bulawayo East where 21 641 people are registered to vote, 10 456 of them being women and 11 185 being men, ranks sixth in the province as the only constituency where more men are registered to vote than female.

There are 15 National Assembly candidates eyeing the constituency. Emakhandeni-Entumbane has 18 585 registered voters, 10 068 women and 8 517 men to rank seventh, followed by Makokoba with 18 280 registered voters, 9 350 of which are women and 8 930 are men.

A total of 12 National Assembly candidates eye the Emakhandeni-Entumbane seat while 17 candidates are vying the Makokoba seat. Lobengula, with 17 National Assembly candidates, ranks ninth with 17 767 registered voters, 9 751 of which are women and 8 016 are men, while Pelandaba-Mpopoma, also with 17 National Assembly candidates is on number 10 with 17 075 candidates, 9 022 women and 9 841 men.

Bulawayo South has the second least number of registered candidates, 16 748, of which 8 576 are women and 8 172 are men, with 16 National Assembly candidates eyeing the seat. The least number of registered voters are in Magwegwe where there are 8 304 female voters and 6 535 men to total 14 839 registered voters.

A total of 22 National Assembly candidates will contest for the seat in the forthcoming plebiscite, the highest in the country.

The polling station with the highest number of registered voters in Bulawayo is Mahlathini A Primary School in Cowdray Park, Luveve with 2 944 voters followed by Inkanyezi in Lobengula with 2 863 voters and Dumezweni A Primary School in Pumula that has 2 775 voters.

Roman Catholic University polling station in Bulawayo East has 2 544 voters while Entumbane Hall polling station in Emakhandeni-Entumbane has 2 470 registered voters. Mgiqika A Primary School polling station in Nketa has the third highest number of registered voters in the province, 2 456 while Nyamande polling station in Lobengula has 2 438 voters.

Other polling stations that have recorded high numbers of registered voters include Iminyela Hall in Pelandaba-Mpopoma (2 431), Mkhithika Thebe Primary School in Luveve Constituency (2 084) and Mhali A Primary School in Magwegwe Constituency (2 029).

See full distribution of how many people registered  per  polling station, ward and constituency in Bulawayo on www.sundaynews.co.zw

Constituency         female            male             Total

Polling station with highest # of registered voters  

Bulawayo Central

11,744 11,408 23,152 City Hall

(1, 789)

Bulawayo East 10,456 11,185 21,641 Roman Catholic University


Bulawayo South 8,576 8,172 16,748 Sizinda Hall


Emakhandeni-Entumbane 10,068 8,517 18,585 Entumbane Hall (2,470)  
Lobengula 9,751 8,016 17,767 Inkanyezi Primary School


Luveve 19,552 15,337 34,889 Mahlathini A (2,944)  
Magwegwe 8,304 6,535 14,839 Mhali A Primary School (2,944)  
Makokoba 9,350 8,930 18,280 Efusini Shopping Centre Tent (1,977)  
Nketa 15,279 13,385 28,664 Mgiqika A Primary School (2,456)  
Nkulumane 12,033 9,841 21,874 Queen Elizabeth A Primary School (1,508)  
Pelandaba-Mpopoma 9,022 8,053 17,075 Iminyela Hall (2,413)  
Pumula 14,140 10,975 25,115 Dumezweni  A Primary School (2,775)  



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  • Mumzee

    Whats new thoo , it has been like that since day one, women are much more active in politics than men and we have more women than men

    • Legion

      Who said its new, its just an update on how the polls are going to be like, period!

  • Stonyeni

    Thats great, this poses a greater chance for ED to win resoundngly against his opponents since Chamisa does have reguard for women …

  • Public enemy

    This time people where really eager to feel how its like ,, so sad ED is going to give them a rare taste of defeat which will embarrase them for the next decade vobva vaziya kuti gwena inorakasha

  • Jones

    Lol i pity chamisa , i gues he must be stressed after he sees these statistics with how he violates women’s rights n grossly devalue them….

    Here is your chance mhamha khupe, defeat him the stage style ,

  • Dr amai

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