Youths urged to take an active part in politics

by Sunday News Online | Sunday, Jul 1, 2018 | 1105 views
Deputy Minister Terrence Mukupe

Deputy Minister Terrence Mukupe

Sukulwenkosi Dube-Matutu, Gwanda Correspondent
THE Deputy Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Terrence Mukupe, has urged youths to take an active part in politics so that they can be considered in Government positions.

Addressing students at Joshua Mqabuko Polytechnic College in Gwanda last week, Deputy Minister Mukupe said youths were pre-occupied with becoming activists on social media who were criticising the Government but doing nothing towards developmental issues. He urged the youths to join political party structures.

“The problem we have is that young people focus on being activists on Facebook and Twitter at the cost of being agents of development. When the President calls for CVs in order to appoint ministers youths are not forthcoming. We won’t build the country by becoming critics. Youths should move away from the peripheries and take an active part in politics in order to be a part of Government. We need those bright and sharp minds in order to build the country. I urge you all young people who are here to join party structures so that come 2023 when President ED calls for CVs you can also submit yours and be a part of the Government,’’ he said.

Deputy Minister Mukupe said the country had its last youngest Government in 1980 because of non-participation of youths.

He urged young people to embrace their identity so they could defend their country. Deputy Minister Mukupe also advised youths to read the Zanu-PF manifesto to remain informed of Government’s policies and initiatives.

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  • God loves us all

    We are the tools and rawmaterials for the betterment of our nation

  • Madikizela

    Without youths participation Zimbabwe will never take another step

  • Dzimbabwe

    Mamwe madhara ngaadonhedzwe kuZANUPF ukoo cause vana varivega vanokanya madhaka sezvatirikungoona kumdc alliance

  • Django

    Old people sbould advice youth how to be effective for their nation sake cause the majority of our youths they invest most of their times on drugs and sexy

  • murenga

    Vamwe mayouths haana kana role yaanoita in the political world and its so sad lets encourage one another to vote and not fighting to be grp admins pa whatsapp

  • Kokerai chisvo

    Ende mamwe mayouths haana kana kuregister kuvhota asi ndoma number one kuti hatina mabasa vechikuru ratidzai vana gwara vazive chekukoshesa muupenyu.. every vote counts

  • Flame

    Lets be responsible youths and vote fr our leader ed mnangagwa hu has already created 60 000 jobs fr us wat mo do we need guys this is enuf to convience us to vote fr him

  • April taffie

    Handei tinovhota hamude u think its fr the old manje nhaka yenyika ino inosarira imi vechidiki lets go n vote fr ed tive rest assured kut we effectively have our future secured