183 ZDF officers graduate from Mzilikazi Barracks

10 Dec, 2023 - 00:12 0 Views
183 ZDF officers graduate  from Mzilikazi Barracks Brigadier-General Simo Maseko (green beret) inspects the graduation parade

The Sunday News

Rutendo Nyeve, Sunday News Reporter

A TOTAL of 183 non-commissioned officers on Thursday graduated in five different courses that equipped them with skills to fight and combat crime within military cantonments at the School of Military Police at Mzilikazi Barracks in Bulawayo.

The courses included the Provost Senior Non-Commissioned Officers Course, Cyber and White Collar Crimes Investigations Course, Warders Course, Basic Military Police Course as well as the Regimental Police Course. The graduates of these courses were drawn from the Zimbabwe National Army, Air Force of Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Service.

Speaking during the graduation ceremony, the guest of honoUr who is the Commander 5 Infantry Brigade, Brigadier-General Simo Maseko said it was now incumbent upon the graduates to ensure that security in the cantonment areas was fully maintained.

“Remember, all our security measures can only be strengthened by your diligent and professional conduct of duty. I urge you to be firm and fair in fighting crime in our cantonment areas. I would like to commend you for enduring the rigorous training activities until this precious graduation day,” said Brig-Gen Maseko.


He said the Provost Senior Non Commisioned Officers Course commenced training on 10 July 2023 with a total of 19 students who were drawn from the corps of military police, Air Force of Zimbabwe Police and Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Service Police.

“The course programme was designed to enable you to effectively supervise and administer provost personnel. The course syllabi covered a cross section of subjects which included leadership, man management, report writing, classification of offences, duty room procedures, investigations and civil military relations among other subjects. The Cyber White Collar Crimes Investigations Course commenced training on 30 October 2023 with a total capacity of 12 students and was designed to equip seasoned investigators with the requisite knowledge and skills to prevent, detect and investigate cyber and white collar crimes in the Zimbabwe Defence Forces,” said Brig Maseko.

The warders’ course commenced training on 16 October 2023 with a total of seven students all drawn from the corps of military police. It aligned the graduates to the rehabilitation process which members under sentence undergo at army detention barracks.

On the other hand, the basic military police course commenced training on 10 July 2023 with a total capacity of 74 students drawn from the ZNA, AFZ and ZPCS. The course content covered military police peace time duties, investigations, war time police duties, public order management, civil military relations, stress management and public relations, to mention but a few.

Brig-Gen Maseko said the last course was the regimental police course which started training on 2 October 2023 with a total of 72 students drawn from various formations and units. The course was double streamed to mitigate the shortage of regimental police personnel within formations and units and was designed to equip the selected non-commissioned officers with basic tenets of policing in cantonment areas. The course covered a wide range of subjects namely, guard room procedures, classification of offences, powers of arrest, scenes of crime management, civil military relations and public relations among other subjects. — @nyeve14

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