19-year-old launches anthology

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19-year-old launches anthology Thandokuhle Sibanda

The Sunday News

Precious Maphosa, Sunday Life Reporter
A dream doesn’t become reality through magic. It takes sweat, determination and hard work. That is the story of a Bulawayo-based 19 year-old Thandokuhle Sibanda who recently launched an anthology titled One Day to the Next in a bid to inspire and address societal issues that people encounter.

The book consists of about 42 poems, it is a narration of a journey from one point to the next. It touches on issues to do with religion, politics, family, friends and the economy  which has an effect in how people turn out to be.

There is also the dark past, the joy, the loneliness, God, failures and disappointments.

In an Interview with Sunday Life,  Sibanda, a former pupil at Mzilikazi High, said she wrote the book to inspire and speak out for other women and teenagers.

“I have always been writing since I was a child. At first it was some sort of escape because I was an introvert and really shy. I felt like I did not belong. As time went on it became more of a way of trying to speak out and express myself. It became more than that as I grew up and started seeing things from a different perspective. The book mainly is about stuff that happens to me, sometimes I put myself in somebody else’s shoes, and I pose myself as a 60-year-old and sometimes as a man,” she said.

She said this was her first book to be published under Creative Mediaworx and her future goals were to major into management.

She added that managing her career and school was a result of discipline and order.

“I am a two-time poetry slam champion namely the Lafarge Poetry Slam 2018 and the Intwasa Poetry Slam 2018. I also was a two-time Star Brite finalist.  Sithandazile Dube has been my mentor, she is the one who wrote the foreword of the book,” she said.


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