AbakwaMzilikazi rebrands to Inhlanga zonke zaseZimbabwe

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AbakwaMzilikazi rebrands to Inhlanga zonke zaseZimbabwe chief jubane with Zim Ambassador David Hamadziripi and Brig. General Chris Sibanda

ABAKWAMZILIKAZI, a cultural group that promotes cultural relations between South Africans and Zimbabweans in South Africa has changed its name to INHLANGA ZONKE ZASE ZIMBABWE translating to “Collective Zimbabweans”.

Led by Chief Thulani Mgoqo Jubane, the organisation which recognises King Mzilikazi as a Doyen of Unity also seeks to unite Zimbabweans who reside in the neighbouring country to live in harmony with South African citizens.

“We have realised that we can do more while we are united as Zimbabweans in South Africa,” said Chief Jubane.

“Not only must we unite as Zimbabweans alone, but we also need to come together with our South African brothers and other African brothers who are in SA if we are to achieve more. There is more to unity; our forefathers were always united before colonisation spearheaded by the Europeans. We were all Africans without boundaries; there was unity and progress in all fronts.”


Chief Jubane kneeling next to the Zulu king

Chief Jubane believes the rebranding is an opportunity for Zimbabweans to partake in developmental programmes across South Africa. He also underscored that cultural integration helps foster a sense of unity within a community.

“Our refocus comes after extensive consultancy amongst our citizens in SA. Others expressed challenges like exclusion and we want to make it known to everyone out there that we represent every Zimbabwean in SA. We will continue to work with both Zimbabwean and South African governments to try and uplift our people. Over the past years we have encountered a lot of challenges, but overcame them through unity and assistance by our both governments.

Chief Jubane

“We have been partaking in many activities; citizens must understand that our organisation also enhances communities by allowing people to experience that they may not have access to otherwise. People can learn about the language, food, traditions, and arts of other cultures around them without traveling to those countries of origin. Let us always bear in mind that Culture has the power to foster social cohesion, promote well-being, and stimulate economic growth. It acts as a catalyst for creativity, innovation, and intercultural understanding,” he said.

Working under the stewardship of the Zulu nation Kingship, over the past years, Chief Jubane has organised and presided over end of year cultural festival which he also views as a great way to promote national unity by celebrating the diversity of the different cultures and traditions across SA.

“Our previous events have turned communities, cities and nations into festivals and also brought about social cohesion, inclusiveness, friendship, cultural exchange. By embracing cultural diversity, we open doors to dialogue, mutual respect, and a shared sense of belonging. Cultural diversity is a powerful driver of development,” added Chief Jubane emphasising that culture enhances collective creativity, drives economic growth, and strengthens social cohesion.

Previously, while attending the end of year festivals organised by Chief Jubane, Inkosi uMgibe weNgonyama yakwaNdebele, King Makhosonke 2 congratulated Zimbabweans “for coming forward and working together with SA citizens for a developed and united South Africa”.

Describing Chief Jubane as a “visionary leader and very important figure in society” induna uNdwandwe from KwaZulu encouraged Zimbabweans to remain steadfast in unity with culture being a major driving force to attain it.







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