Afrolynk to host Global Business Conference

09 Sep, 2020 - 14:09 0 Views
Afrolynk to host Global Business Conference Afrolynk Ecosystems Manager Mr Kumbirai Chipadza

The Sunday News

Mthabisi Tshuma, Business Correspondent

GERMAN-based organisation Afrolynk is set to host a Global Business Conference on 25 September as a way of commemorating its fifth anniversary.

The strategic business renewal webinar is aimed at assisting businesses to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The deadly Covid-19 was first detected in China last December and has spread across all continents, infecting millions and killing hundreds of thousands of people.

The disease has also crippled economies, prompting countries to adopt mitigation strategies to curb its spread through national lockdowns, among others.

In an interview, Afrolynk Ecosystems Manager Mr Kumbirai Chipadza said the virtual conference will bring together business experts, startups and thought leaders from all over the globe to discuss tech entrepreneurship and innovation.

“Afrolynk is proud to announce the 2020 Afrolynk global virtual conference taking place on 25 September. For its 5th year anniversary the conference will gather experts, startups, champions and thought leaders from all over the globe to discuss tech entrepreneurship and innovation through a virtual platform.

“Amongst the 2020 Afrolynk speakers are Tomi Davies who is the president of the African Business Angel Network, Ifeyinwa Ugochukwu from the Tony Elumelu Foundation, Venture Capitalist and investor Vusi Thembekwayo, and representatives from Digital Africa and the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development. Parts of the conference will be live streamed, while the event also provides the opportunity for participants to network and to meet other conference visitors behind the scenes,” said Mr Chipadza.

He said among the topics to be tackled in the conference are initiatives of connecting business persons in the African world.

“The 2020 themes and topics include among others; Innovate: What makes Africa resilient? Highlighting Innovation and local resilience during the Covid-19 crisis, Connect Africa: Building fair Partnerships – Creating enabling framework conditions to unleash Africa’s potential and; Accelerate: Sustain and Accelerate Growth – How can innovation and entrepreneurship be financed and sustained despite current challenges?,” he said.

Mr Chipadza said registration to take part in the event was already underway.

“Registration for this years conference is now underway for those who want to become part of the global entrepreneurship ecosystem to support innovation and tech entrepreneurship in Africa.

“The conference day is part of a week-long programme hosted in collaboration with the UN International Trade Center (ITC) and Westerwelle Foundation, that is dedicated to foster engagement and collaboration. The programme will feature expert training sessions and focussing on venture building and growth strategies and provide a platform for individual business meetings and networking,” said Mr Chipadza.

Mr Chipadza said the virtual conference will also host a competition where 50 African Impact Startups will be awarded for their achievements in the business sector.

“For the first time Afrolynk will recognise the top 50 African startups and entrepreneurs in five dedicated categories whose achievements and innovation are creating a real impact and improving lives and wellbeing on the African continent and beyond.

“The winners of the Top 50 African Impact Startups nominations will be announced on 25 September as part of the Afrolynk Conference,” he said.




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