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Alleged gay flees angry mob

Peter Matika, Senior Life Reporter
AN alleged transgender man from Bulawayo’s Paddonhurst suburb has left the country to live in the United States after a confrontation by residents.

Matthew Horton, who was also known as Mat Tux Horton allegedly fled the country after being confronted by residents who accused him of being a member of a homosexual cult.

He confirmed that he had indeed fled Zimbabwe, following the confrontation.

“I was confronted by some people who accused me of being transgender. However, I told them to leave me alone or I would call the police. I did go to the US to get a break and try and get over the traumatising event,” he said before hanging up.

However, a member of the residents association in the suburb, who preferred anonymity, told Sunday Life that they had to intervene as residents were baying for his blood after being accused of being gay, amid fears he would influence youths to follow his lifestyle.

Bulawayo Province police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango said they had not received such a report.

“We never received a report of such a nature or disturbance. But as members of the police we would like to urge the public to desist from taking matters into their own hands and report such matters to the police,” she said.

In 2014, this publication carried a story about Mat, where he had reportedly stirred a hornet’s nest, after posting suggestive pictures on social media.

In an article titled, Gay suggestive picture sparks outrage, Bulawayo residents and the country at large were outraged, after he posted lewd pictures of himself on Facebook holding a sex toy, commonly referred to as a dildo.

In the article, Horton denied being gay, but acknowledged having posted the picture.

He said in the 2014 interview: “I am neither bi-sexual nor gay. The picture was taken while I was on holiday in South Africa. It was just a random picture. The picture was taken a long time ago. It’s an innocent picture and it was not directed to anyone. I am not sending a message in any way to anyone.

“It’s a personal picture, I don’t see why or how this should be a story. People take pictures holding trees and stuff, what’s wrong with this one,” he said.

Other accusations that arose from the pictures are that Mat was openly gay, despite having been in denial about his sexual orientation while growing up.