Amagugu promotes domestic tourism

04 Apr, 2021 - 00:04 0 Views
Amagugu promotes domestic tourism Mr Pathisa Nyathi

The Sunday News

Bruce Ndlovu, Sunday News Reporter
WHILE other players in the sector are crying foul about lack of foreign tourists because of Covid-19 restrictions in force around the globe, Amagugu Heritage Centre showed the lure of domestic tourism yesterday when its call for visitors during its annual food expo was received enthusiastically by locals.

After skipping an edition last year due to the first lockdown, the food expo returned this year with the usually display of traditionally dishes which was capped off by a ceremony to honour Amagugu director Mr Pathisa Nyathi and Iyasa founder Mr Nkululeko Dube.

The two were last week among 40 National Arts Merit Awards legends winners.

However, this year’s ceremony was graced by fewer numbers as organisers had to align festivities with Covid-19 regulations that are in force throughout the country. In his speech, Mr Nyathi asked the youth in attendance to preserve their culture as they were the custodians of what would be passed down to future generations.

“We should celebrate our culture. It seems like we don’t like it anymore or we don’t appreciate it anymore. It seems we are ashamed of it now. No one drops from the heavens with knowledge, one works for it and searches for it.

That’s what happened with me and that I want to see happen with anyone who comes through and visits this place. I want it to spark a degree of interest in them and they pursue their culture and heritage,” he said. Mr Nyathi also encouraged the youth to always look up to their elders as they know best.

“We should acknowledge our parents. We were planted here by our parents. You have gone on as children and planted further and we have grandchildren and the most important lesson from that is that individuals might perish, but humanity survives.

That’s the most important lesson and that is why you should know with everything that you do that you’re serving a higher purpose than what you might thing. You have a higher responsibility to the community,” he said.

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