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Amputee seeks help

12 May, 2019 - 00:05 0 Views
Amputee seeks help Mr Mthetheleli Ndlovu

The Sunday News

Sunday News Reporter, Thobekile Khumalo

A 46-YEAR-OLD Bulawayo man is appealing for assistance to buy a prosthetic implant and pay for his medical bills after he was hit by a car last year.

Mr Mthetheleli Ndlovu from New Lobengula is looking for $1 000 for prosthetic implant at the United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH). 

Mr Ndlovu is unemployed and because of his condition he has not been able to raise the required money to pay for his medical bills and also for his children’s school fees.

In an interview, Mr Ndlovu told of a sad story how he lost his leg.

“Last year on 31 March when I was at the New Lobengula Shopping Centre, a commuter omnibus driver lost control of his vehicle while he was turning. He then hit a BMW that was parked outside the shops and then came straight to where I was standing and hit me. That is how I lost my leg,” he said.

Mr Ndlovu said the driver of the commuter omnibus ran away and has not helped in meeting the medical expenses.

“The kind of help I am looking for right now is to get a prosthetic implant so that I can go back to my work and fend for my family.

“If I manage to get the prosthetic implant my life would go back to normal and I can then resume my old duties, go back to my work in order to provide for my family as well as paying my medical bills and my children’s school fees,” he said.

Those willing to help Mr Ndlovu can contact him on 0778106075.

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