Apostolic sect raises concern over birth certificates, IDs

01 Sep, 2021 - 11:09 0 Views
Apostolic sect raises concern over birth certificates, IDs

The Sunday News

Rutendo Nyeve, Sunday News Correspondent

THE Johanne Masowe Church has called on relevant authorities to help in acquiring registry documents that include birth certificates and identity cards for its members.

This was revealed on Tuesday at an engagement meeting between the Affirmative Action Group Bulawayo Provincial Executive and the Johanne Masowe Church Bulawayo Trust members. The meeting was part of AAG’s thrust of working with society in empowering youths, women, churches and other institutions.

The trust’s chairperson, Mr Luke Chigwedere said they were facing various challenges in acquiring identity documents which was going on to affect their children attain various services like education.

“We have challenges in acquiring identity documents like birth certificates and identity cards. We are also appealing with the relevant authorities to consider allocating us land like other religious institutions where we can teach our beliefs and ideology,” said Mr Chigwedere.

AAG Bulawayo leadership vowed that they will lobby for the group’s concerns to be addressed.

“AAG will liaise with the Ministry of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage to provide mobile registration for births and identification documents. We will ensure we respect and safeguard the livelihood of Johanne Mazowe, provide educational forums for the less privileged, formalisation of Johanne Masowe businesses and produce in farms

We will also advocate for allocation of land to build a Johanne Masowe clinic and school so you can teach your belief and ideology,” said AAG Bulawayo chairperson, Mr Bukhosi Ncube


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