Attracting God’s attention

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Attracting God’s attention Bible

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Greetings beloved nation in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Many a times we think that God is only attracted to us when we are in a formal setup like when we are in church.

One thing that I have discovered in my walk with God is that there are certain portals that are opened as we discuss whenever two or three people meet, there is something that attracts God to people as they begin to discuss about God or the doings of Jehovah.

I discovered that during the corona virus era, a lot of Christians backslid, some lost that zeal for God, some lost their prayer life because the only thing that they were told is that God is only found in a church setup. But when we look in the scriptures we discover that there is a powerful way that attracted God to two or three people as they gather, not only gather but even as they discuss about the things of God.


When we read in the book of Malachi 3:16-18, we discover that there were these men and the bible says firstly they feared the Lord and they spoke often one to another. So meaning that these men were discussing. Firstly, they feared God and they loved the Lord The bible says as they were discussing, the Lord harkened, not only harkened, the bible says He heard what they were talking about. There are two things that happened here, i) God harkened and ii) He heard them.

The other version says ‘the Lord listened and heard. So meaning in their discussion here when we talk about harkening, we are talking about God took notice, he got attracted.

Not only that, he had to listen carefully to what these men were talking about because in their discussion there was the name of the Lord. This caused God not only to be attracted, he also heard and he harkened.

These are two powerful words. Someone who harkens is someone who listens and hears, meaning that He got the whole conversation.

The bible says as they were talking a book of remembrance was written before God in heaven. So meaning that there is a book called the book of remembrance that God had to write because of what these men were talking about.

In the other article where we spoke about the book of remembrance, we said the book of remembrance is a book of blessing, a book that God writes and documents such that when that season comes, that book is unfolded and certain promises that are written in that book are being released to a certain individual or company that God has been waiting for the right season or kairos moment to release a certain blessing because of things they did for God to remember.

So this book of remembrance was opened and the bible says because these men feared God and thought upon his name. The bible tells us not only was the book of remembrance opened, there was a declaration that God spoke concerning these men. He said in verse 17, ‘He declared and said, these are mine the Lord of hosts’.

In other words, God actually made a covenant of their communication. God made a declaration because of their informal discussion, they were not in church. He actually had to declare in the heavenlies that the heavens must hear that these are really God’s people.

He made a vow, He made a declaration that on that day when I make up my jewels, meaning that when we speak about jewels, we speak about precious stones. In other words, God allows a certain process, these men are being processed and they become jewels in the eyes of the Lord.

He allows certain fire to actually purify them, certain situations so that they become special unto God because of their informal setting where they were talking about God, not murmuring, not mumbling about God, but talking about things that made God attentive.

We hear God saying again that, ‘I will spare them’, meaning that when disaster comes, because of what they were discussing, it made God actually declare protection.

The question is what do we discuss when we come together with friends that will make God begin to make such declarations, that it will make God in heaven attentive and pay us attention. Ladies and gentlemen I have discovered that there are certain talks that attract God, that draw God nigh to us, that make God make certain declarations because of what we are talking about.

I pray that in our informal settings when we meet one on one, when we meet in twos or more, what we discuss may it make heaven recognise us. The problem is that when people meet together there are certain things they discuss that attract curses.

One thing I discovered is that God is serious when it comes to our discussion, to what we say to one another. One-time God spoke about the tongue, that it has the power of life and death in it. When we look in the book of Genesis the first time God spoke it was the time of creation, when words were heard, it was when God was creating the heavens and the earth. So when it comes to a tongue, or words God is serious about these things. Many a times as people eat and drink they talk things that do not attract God.

There is something that scared me that is found in the book of Numbers 12:1-2. We hear about Miriam and Aaron. The bible says they spoke against Moses. These were two and in their corner or tent and they were talking about the servant Moses because of the Ethiopian woman he had married. They said in verse 2, ‘has the Lord spoken only through Moses, hasn’t he also spoken through us? And the Lord heard this.

These guys were talking about Moses and gossiping about him. Moses was not there, this was sister and brother discussing in secret and God heard. So meaning everything we discuss God hears. Wherever you talk with your friends or relatives over the phone, WhatsApp, email, God hears.

Two things happened here, God heard and He didn’t actually pay attention to what they were saying, God heard with the ear of anger that they are talking against my servant. So when we begin to gossip and say things concerning God’s servants, God hears. When we read further we see that there was a curse that came to Miriam.

Meaning there are certain curses of leprosy that come to people because of what they have spoken. The bible tells us that for some days Israel could not move forward because of the curse of leprosy on Miriam. Israel could no leave Miriam alone, they had to wait for her to be healed.

My encouragement is that wherever we are in our bedrooms, husband and wife be careful what we speak, it may attract a blessing or a curse. The reason why many people are not seeing God’s hand and provision in their lives, is because of what they say or discuss when they meet.

The things they say do not attract God they attract curses. My encouragement is be very careful what you talk about when you meet with friends or other people, that which you discuss can bring you down or lift you up. God is serious about communication, about words. Do we speak about others or we speak about God. May God bless you all.
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