Avoid letting your furniture hug the walls

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Avoid letting your furniture hug the walls

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Amanda Ncube

PLACEMENT of furniture can be daunting at times especially if you are not sure of what you are doing.

Most homeowners deem placement of furniture in a room as trivial as long as there are beautiful and expensive items around, yet they do not know that it is those tiny details that destroy the look and feel of your home.

Each and every item in your space deserves to flaunt its beauty as well as breathe where ever it is . . . the way you place the items in your home can destroy or make your home, turning it into an elegant space that you have always desired.

Just as much as all items in your house, walls also deserve to have some breathing space in order to fulfil some of its objectives.

One of the ways of setting your items free is to avoid letting your furniture hug the walls. Items such as tables, chairs and couch should stand on their own without leaning on walls. Make groupings of furniture for conversations and pull pieces to the centre of the room for a warmer feeling of comfort. For example, in your living room create a conversational atmosphere by pulling all the chairs and couches away from the walls . . . make them talk to each other.

Let there be a negative (unused) space between your furniture and the wall. The negative space has a huge impact in the room as it will always grab the attention of whoever comes into the room leaving them wondering the use of that space (let them be curious). Let your space be unique.

By so doing the walls will also play the part of beautifying the room by flaunting its colour throughout the room. The flow between the wall and the flooring should acknowledged in order to reveal the exquisite look.

Also, moving furniture away from the walls make people appreciate the type of paintings that you use and mirrors (if there are any) become noticeable because they will be having their own space.    

Do not arrange the chairs, sofa, and tables all around the room unless you have no choice (If you space is way too small).

Your dining room should give people space to move around as well as to move chairs. Make sure no chair or table is leaning on the wall. Rather let big items such as the divider or displays hug the walls but not all around. 

There shouldn’t be any barriers in your space . . . no item should be hidden behind another. Do not put a chair in front of a door or a table in an obvious traffic area. Leave room for easy access and movement within the room.

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