BCC gets substantive directors

18 Sep, 2022 - 00:09 0 Views
BCC gets substantive directors

The Sunday News

Vusumuzi Dube, Online News Editor
THE Local Government Board has approved the appointments of substantive Bulawayo City Council directors in the departments of Human Capital and Town Planning.

The two departments have been operating without substantive directors since they were constituted as stand-alone departments, with Mr Makhosi Tshalebwa acting as the human capital director and Mr Wisdom Siziba being the acting town planning director.

However, according to a council confidential report the Local Government Board has since given the greenlight for the two to be appointed as substantive directors in their departments. This was after the local authority completed an interview process and submitted a shortlist of three for each of the positions with the two topping the lists. The Board also carried out separate interviews with the top three candidates in each of the positions.

“After thorough deliberations and taking everything into account, the Local Government Board was satisfied that Mr Makhosi Tshalebwa had a distinct edge above the other candidates in terms of experience and exposure.

The Local Government Board on 13 May 2022, resolved through Resolution Number LGB 028/2022 and acting upon the powers vested in the Board in terms of Section 123 (e) as read together with Sections 134 and 135 of the Urban Councils Act (Chapter 29:15) approves the appointment of Mr Makhosi Tshalebwa to the position of Human Capital Director for Bulawayo City Council and if he declines, Mr Sazane Jethro Ngwenya will take up the post,” reads the report.
For the town planning director position the board noted that in the event that Mr Siziba declines the position, it will be offered to a Mr Tiisetso Dube.


“Council extended sincere congratulations to the duo for their deserved promotions to substantive heads of department status, their appointments will be with effect from 1 September,” reads the report.

The town planning department came into effect last year, with one of its objectives being to spearhead the repositioning and transformation of the city to becoming smart and transformative by the year 2024. Previously it fell under the engineering services department.

Speaking after the passing of the resolution to form the department, the city’s Mayor, Councillor Solomon Mguni said council had noted that with the town planning department falling under the engineering department, there was lack of continuous planning hence complaints from residents that the city was not growing.

Councillor Solomon Mguni

“The current administration took note of the concerns of residents who have been complaining that the city is not growing; is deteriorating and has lost its beauty.

The investigations that we did point out at lack of continuous planning. Residents have been coming to us asking about estate registers and management policy. The current administration’s vision of creating a smart and transformative city by the year 2024, can only be realised if we have a dedicated planning department; with a director who reports directly to a council standing committee.

Remember what we said and promised in our inaugural mayoral speech; we pledged to reposition this city and transform it; and you don’t transform if you don’t make planning a top priority,” said Clr Mguni.

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